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Announcing the 2019 GP6 Music Competition!

Hello TPS!

We, the clay Senior Editors, have a very exciting announcement to make. Today, we are happy to announce the first annual GP6 Music Competition!

We know how much you all LOVED (I mean really loved) listening to the same GP6 music one billion times per school year while waiting for classes to start. In fact, I’m sure we all know someone who liked it so much, they were incessantly complaining about “the same old music.” In response to these complaints of GP6 music bore, a new song was put in place. This new GP6 song, “Sing the Distance Away,” by TPS alumni Reigha Allen and Mark Lyford, is going to be the first of a proud series of student produced songs for GP6.

But what will be the next song? Well, that’s up to you! The inaugural GP6 Music Competition is designed to give a voice to the talented musicians of TPS. So dazzle us with your musical prowess, and you may win a chance to be featured in GP6!

How will all this work, you ask? Well, for this competition, we will accept submissions of original pieces, and the winners will get to hear their songs played on rotation on GP6 for the rest of the school year. All songs must first be submitted to the Student Council leaders (Jacey Koo, Corrie Anna Campbell, Jonathan Reichenberger, and Michael Collins). Then your very own Student Council leaders will pick out the top eight to ten pieces they receive. Because the four of them have had quite a substantial number of years of musical experience, they will be experienced and objective judges. In the first week of March, we will publish their top picks and allow the TPS community to vote for the ones they like best. The top four most popular songs will be used on rotation as GP6 room music for the rest of the year. This process should ensure that the classroom music has enough variety to give everyone a chance to listen to something they like.

If you or someone you know is interested, here are the general guidelines:

  1. You must be a TPSer to submit music. Alumni are welcome!
  2. All submissions must be sent to by February 25th. No exceptions.
  3. We cannot use music that may be offensive or questionable to some. As a result, we cannot consider rap, rock, romance music, political or protest music, etc. Instrumentals are best. Music with soft vocals is acceptable. Digital (techno) is alright as well.
  4. Music must be completely original work: written, performed, and recorded by TPSers. Music clearly in the public domain that is performed and recorded by a student is also acceptable.  
  5. Submitted work may be in any popular accessible format (e.g., MP3) or may be links to an audio site. The file that is provided for use in GP6 will need to be an uncompressed WAV file of high sample rate.
  6. Please attach your music file to an email that includes your name and song title, along with any other relevant information.

And that’s about it! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Spread the word, share the news––we want to make this a really big event! And don’t forget to come back to vote in early March!

Happy composing!

Corrie Anna Campbell and Jacey Koo

2018-2019 Senior Editors


  1. Is I Can Only Imagine by Mercyme an option?

    • Hi Amy! Unfortunately that song is not old enough to be in the public domain. Really sorry about that!

  2. This article is in Humor, is this legit?

    Forgive my suspiciousness x)

  3. I would try to do something, but I have a HORRIBLE singing voice…

  4. Do they have to be originals or can they be songs written by other people?
    Also, do you have to have instruments in the background or can you just sing a cappella?

    • Hi Millie! No they don’t need to be originals at all as long as you’re performing a song that is old enough to be in the public domain. Also, instruments in the background are completely optional and a cappella is perfectly fine as well. Thanks for the good questions!

  5. what about alive by hillsong young & free?

    • I’m sorry, but that’s too recent as well! As a general rule, I believe it must be published before 1922 or earlier to be used. However, if copyrights have been renewed, etc. then that’s another case.

  6. So will classical music work? Like Chopin for example?

    • Yes, classical music is acceptable, and much of it falls under the public domain. Chopin would be great. =)

  7. How can I find out if a song is public domain?

    • Generally if it’s been published before 1922, then it’s probably okay, however that’s not always the case. Classical music, old hymns…those are pretty much all in the public domain. If you want to know if a song is in the public domain, you can try googling it, or if you’re still not sure, you can email us at (preferable) or you can comment here :).

  8. Would it be possible for me to compose and submit an instrumental piece with a friend who is not a TPS student?

  9. Hello, can I do None but Christ Can Satisfy? Thanks!

  10. I want to play Take Five on piano by Dave Brubeck. It was recorded in 1959. Is that ok? It is instrumental.

  11. Would something like La Vie en Rose by Édith Piaf work? It’s a love song, but it’s in a different language. I believe it was released during World War 1, but I might be mistaken.

    • I believe it was written during 1945, so it’s probably still too “young” to be in the public domain.

    • May I for ex. write a song with my own words but put it to the tune of a different song that hasn’t been the public domain? Thanks for the help 🙂

      • Unfortunately, it must be either completely original or completely in the public domain. I believe it would still be considered plagiarizing to copy the tune. Sorry about that!

  12. If I were to make my own original arrangement of a song (I’m thinking River Flows in You), would that be okay? Because then it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the original. 🙂

    • Hi Josie! Unfortunately, it must either be completely original or an arrangement/performance of a song in the public domain.

  13. Could Danny Boy or Deep River work? They’re both classical music.

    • Hi Allora! I’m actually pretty sure Danny Boy would be ok, since it is over a hundred years old and it looks like it is being treated as being in the public domain in other places. Deep River looks like a spiritual that is also over a hundred years old, so is likely in the public domain as well.

  14. Thank goodness you are changing it haha

  15. Is there a minimum or a maximum run-time for the song?

    • Good question! Whatever is reasonable considering the task will work. Maybe something in the 1.5-7 minute range, but it’s relatively flexible. 🙂

  16. Could you use Faded by Alan Walker?

  17. Would I be able to do Les Miserables?

    • Hello Drew! Well, maybe, but probably not. Les Miserables is old, but it has been redone many times, so it probably would be one of those that is old enough but the copyright has been renewed. If you want to cover something from the 2012 musical for example, then no, that’s not in the public domain. If you are able to find a song related to Les Miserables that is in the public domain, however, that would be acceptable.

  18. Hi!
    What’s the limit for the age of public domain? I have an original song in mind but i wanted to know how old does the song have to be to pass.

    • Hi Eva! It depends on the song. Many copyrights have expired if the song was created before 1922, but sometimes copyrights are renewed, so this isn’t always the case. It really depends on the specific song, so you may need to do a bit of research. If you have questions about the song you are thinking about, you are welcome to email us at (preferable), or you may comment here and we will answer your questions as best we can. =)

  19. It may be worth noting that occasionally, newer things get released into the public domain, but if that is the case, it will be clearly stated if you do some research on the song.

  20. Are multiple submissions per student allowed?

    • Yes! Multiple submissions are allowed, however we can only choose one per student for the final round.

  21. Am I allowed to submit more than one entry?

    • Same answer as above :). Multiple submissions are allowed, but we can only choose one piece per student in the final round.

  22. So if I was to have a song as an option I have to write it?

    • So basically you may write your own song or you may perform a piece that’s in the public domain (which means that the song was written before 1922, but sometimes you have to double check to make sure). Hope that answers your question!

  23. I love playing my own hymn arrangements on the piano, but . . . my singing voice isn’t the best. Can it just be instrumental? And to whom would I submit it?

  24. Does the music have to include singing, or can it just have instruments?

  25. take five is on the public domain. may i play that?

  26. Christopher Kempen

    Does an entry have to have a name? (I have composed it and have no name) Also is it ok if the submission is not necessarily quiet or restful, being a more exciting (though not chaotic) piece?

    • A name helps when we list the final songs for voting, but if you don’t have a name that’s alright. And that’s okay! If it’s more exciting we’re still absolutely willing to listen to it. Thanks!

  27. Could I write an arrangement of a song that might not be in the public domain… say, the old GP6 soundtrack (hypothetically speaking, of course)? 🙂

    • Hi Isaiah, unfortunately if the song is not in the public domain then we cannot use it even if it’s arranged. Sorry about that!

  28. how do you convert your recording to wav file?

  29. Hello! I was wondering, what is the minimum and maximum length that the song for the competition should be?

  30. she said 1.5-7 minute range

  31. Could I do God Is In Control by Twila Paris?
    And for any song I do that i did not write, can i just get the music (without the singer) for the back-round and play it with my singing?

    • Hi Anna! Sorry, I don’t think that song is in the public domain. And a song has to either be completely original or completely in the public domain. We just don’t want to infringe on any copyrights. Thanks for understanding.

  32. Is it ok if I submit the song as a WMA file instead MP3 or WAV? I don’t have any music production software on my computer so it’s easiest for me to submit it as a WMA, but i’m also totally willing to put some music production software on my computer if WMA doesn’t work for you guys 🙂

  33. I wish there could be a thing where we could have the class vote on which song they want to play next week or something like that. There could be like a selected group of songs to pick from, or maybe a room to vote in, or have the teacher have access to a song selector and we could vote using hands. I think that would be really cool.

    • Those are great ideas, Richard, and maybe that will become an option sometime in the future. Right now, though, our job is just to pick the songs that will be played on rotation for the rest of the school year :).

  34. What is the public domain? And how do I access it? And if I were to sing a song and record it (I am thinking of He Will Hold Me Fast) would that be ok? Like I sing the song that somebody else wrote? Thanks for doing this!!!

  35. I think that the original words were written in 1918 so I think it is old enough…right?

  36. Hi! Thanks for organizing this!

    Is it okay if the audio clip has some static on it, and only on certain small sections? I don’t have any sort of professional recording equipment, and as my house is quite echoey, some static made it onto the recording.

  37. Is the Cradle Song by Brahms old enough to enter in the competition?

  38. Hi! First of all I wanted to thank you for answering every… single… comment…

    So I wrote a song and I wanted to submit it but I don’t know how to submit it or where to submit it…. I recorded it on my iPod NANO….
    Again thanks for your help!!

    • Corrie Anna Campbell

      Hi Kimberly!

      Email with your file attached. We accept any mainstream accessible file type, such as MP3 and WAV files, and will send a confirmation once your submission has been received.