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Cooking Column: Cream Puffs

My alien friends from the distant corners of the galaxy told me that whipped cream is indeed one of the best substances in the universe. I agree. A light and puffy desert, which tends to be quite messy and also happens to be one of my favorite deserts, is on the menu today! As usual, grab your hats and spoons so we can get mixing!


– 2/3 cups water

– Pinch of salt

– 75 grams margarine

– 75 grams flour

– 3 eggs

– Heavy cream


Whip up the cream first. Whip the heavy cream with a mixer (if you like) till it’s thick and stiff. Sweeten to taste with confectioners’ sugar. Make sure to refrigerate it. Next, boil the water with salt and butter in a soup-pan. Add all of the flour and stir. Continue stirring until the mixture forms a ball. Take the pan off the stove and begin cracking the eggs into the pan and stirring them into the mix. Keep stirring till the dough is shiny and has air pockets inside. Using two spoons, make little round balls. They will become larger in the oven so do not make them too large. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 C (400 F). Do not open the oven till they are done. Let the puffs cool. Be careful not to stack them after you take them out of the oven. Snip the puffs open with scissors and fill with desired amount of cream (The more you put in the more will come out when you bite it). Bon appetite!

There’s the recipe for my mom’s famous cream puffs. I hope you enjoy eating them while getting covered in cream! Feel free to ask questions–I’d be happy to answer!

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  1. These look so good! Did you take that picture?

  2. My family and I are gluten free; do you have any suggestions for making a gluten-free version of this? It looks really good!

    • I’m not sure about replacements for gluten. I have no experience with gluten-free replacements. Could it be that there is gluten-free flour? If that is a possibility, that would be my suggestion. I’m sorry that I can’ t further help you.