Girl’s Spotlight: Christine Niu

“Hi, I’m replacing Hannah today–she’s gone on a retreat. Uh, so, um, you’re Christine Niu, age 14, grade 9th, location NJ?” Jillian awkwardly read the information card.

“Yep.” Christine replied.

“Ok…” Jillian nodded absently, glancing at the first question on her list. “How many years have you been with TPS?”

C: “This is my third.”

J: “What classes are you taking this year?”

C: “At TPS only, I’m taking Apologetics this semester, Pre-AP Biology (Honors), English 3 Literature Survey, and World History Through Film next semester.”

J: “What’s your MBTI type?”

C: “I’ve gotten both ENFP & INFP, but both were -A so…” Christine shrugged.

Jillian nodded. “Um, describe yourself in four words.”

C: “Hmm, well I’d say that I’m friendly, competitive, “inquisitive”–according to my mom–and enthusiastic, like way too much.” Christine grinned.

Jillian grinned as well. “Do you have any pets?”

C: “Nope, I wish I did. I had a couple of turtles and some fish years ago, but they died.”

J: “Ok, back to the list… What’s your favorite subject?”

“This year?” Christine thought for a second. “Definitely English–which is something I never thought I’d say.”

Jillian made a face. “Same… I mean English is hard. Any second or third languages?”

C: “Well… I can understand Chinese perfectly, but that’s it. I’m also lowkey learning French.”

J: “Ooh, nice. Um, Favorite books, music, and movies?”   

C: “Ok, so I can never pick a favorite book, but for the sake of simplicity, I always say The Lord of the Rings because otherwise I’d never pick one. Music? I love soundtracks of any sort, but my favorite Christian piece is Andrew Peterson’s “In the Night.” And movies… anything Avengers or Christopher Nolan.” Christine nodded, smiling.

Jillian nodded back absently. “Do you do any sports or instruments?”

C: “Well… I used to lowkey do tennis, but I literally can’t play anything with balls,” Christine grimaced. “And I play piano competitively and violin kind of for fun.”

Jillian grinned. “Um, you have only one sibling–your 11 year old brother, right?”

C: “Yup.”

*insert moment of inspiration for Jillian*

“Ohh. What are some stuff you want to do before college?” Jillian asked, leaning forward and placing her elbows on the desk.

C: “That’s a hard question, but I’d really like to travel–mostly to famous landmarks– and attend a Bible Bee National Competition and…yeah…? To be honest, I never thought much about it.”

J: “Where have you travelled to?”

C: “A lot of places: China, Florida, Texas, Canada–Niagara Falls–New York City repeatedly, a lot in Pennsylvania, California–Death Valley & Joshua Tree Park specifically, and other places to–Arizona–the Grand Canyon–Nevada–mostly Las Vegas–and I kind of can claim the honor of having technically passed over every Eastern Coast state?”

“Oohh…” Jillian nodded slowly. “So… pretty much the US, China, and Canada?”

C: “Yeah, those places.”

Jillian picked up the list. “What is one flaw and one strong point you have?”

“I’m terrible at self-analysis but… what I know is that I literally never think things through before I say or do it.” Christine grimaced.

J: “Same…”

C: “…And I think something strong I have is that when I have to do something, especially homework, I do it as well as possible.” Christine nodded, shrugging.

J: “Um, what is one thing you love and one thing you hate?”

C: “Before I go with the classic “family,” I’m going to say ‘”reading.” One thing I hate? I’ve never really had strong feelings, but I think… this is getting theological… It’s the way Christians are treated by everybody else, or maybe just the way we’re stereotyped by others. I don’t know– what a nice topic.”

“Oh, ok.” Jillian nodded slowly, smiling. “I think it wasn’t supposed to be so thoughtful–maybe what annoys you the most? Anyways, hobbies?”

C: “Hobbies? Writing and music and reading and watching movies and fangirling over said books and movies and… probably just talking to people.”

“Ok. I think that’s it for now,” Jillian smiled. “Thanks!”

“Thanks for the opportunity,” Christine smiled back and waved, before interjecting, “Ohhh… I know what annoys me the most: mosquitoes…”

Jillian grinned, “Ok.”

*insert a moment of sudden remembrance*

“By the way, what’s a great Bible verse you’d like to share that means something important to you?” Jillian asked.

C: “John 17:3–the high priestly prayer.”

“Ok. That’s it.” Jillian scribbled down the reference. “Bye!”

C: “Bye!”

*Christine exits*

John 17:3
“And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”


  1. Same I can never pick a book as my favorite! Think you could help me with my Chinese? xD xD

  2. Hey there Christine! Nice to get to know you a bit better. =)

    Great article, Hannah!

  3. Heyyyyyy! It’s Christine!! :))))))