How to have a Holly-Jolly Christmas

Note: This article may or may not be sponsored by Walmart. Walmart. Spend money. Live better.


Very Hot Chocolate

Everyone has memories of sitting on Christmas day, sitting around with your family and enjoying a good cup of – JEEZ IT’S STILL SO HOT. Be sure to pick up some cocoa mix by Walmart this year!


Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday can be a nightmare. If you shop in person, there are always so many people and so few of the thing you’re looking for in-store. Long lines, so much waiting, and by the end of the day you’ve given up and bought gift cards. The solution? Just shop online. You can get the best deals (especially at Walmart’s online store) and sip your hot Cocoa in peace and quiet- I JUST BURNED MY TONGUE AGAIN.


The Music

One of my all-time favorite parts of Christmas is the soundtrack. But guys, this is so easy to ruin if you don’t have good music. Here’s a basic breakdown of goods and bads:

Michael Bublé (Christmas Album)- Good. This is an absolute staple of Christmas music. As soon as you hear Michael Bublé, you know it’s Christmas.

Pentatonix Christmas Album- Bad. Pentatonix is a great group, but please don’t think you need to add Pentatonix to your Christmas playlist. You can, but acapella isn’t just Christmas enough to REALLY get you into Christmas spirit.

The Robertsons Christmas Album- Bad. I don’t know how Duck Dynasty managed to even record a Christmas Album, but even though these may be funny Christmas songs, just don’t play this for Christmas dinner.

The Frozen Soundtrack- Please just don’t play this. Ever. This isn’t even Christmas music.

Other “good” songs:

So this is Christmas (Maroon 5)

All I want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)

I heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Casting Crowns)

Christmas Shoes (NewSong)

Basically, if it has the potential to be in a Christmas movie, it’s acceptable.


Gifting Friends

It’s hard to figure out what to gift friends. It’s easy to find a gift for your bestie, but sometimes you have friends you want to give a gift to and may not be sure what to give. There are two strategies to this:

  • The gift must be gender neutral, and inoffensive and can fit any lifestyle. A gift card won’t work- not everyone likes Starbucks or shops online. Neither will an everyday object like a toothbrush, as it might offend the receiver. So what’s the perfect gift? Walmart now has a deal on their rocks! Pick one up outside in the parking lot. Save money by getting one for free. Enjoy no lines and avoid the hassle of entering the building! Who doesn’t want a pet rock? It checks all the boxes, and is a fun gift for everyone!
  • Just figure out what they’re getting you and either give the same thing to them or give them something of the same value. Like a pet rock, which is priceless.


Gifting Family

It’s the thought that counts. Origami snowflakes and “World’s Best Sibling” mugs are acceptable gifts.


Gifting Me

As I have become such a celebrity, I will be accepting no less than a $500 Walmart gift card from those who wish to stay in my good graces.


Just Enjoy It

Happy holidays everyone! Spend time with people you love, and be sure to enjoy a nice, warm mug of- OH MY GOSH JUST GET THE COLD EGGNOG!


  1. Great article! Very helpful how all th- AUGH IT BURNED MY TONGUE AGAIN

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