1. …Trying so hard not to smile when he says dumb grin… mission failed.

  2. I love this column way too much XD

  3. Your Brick Tricks are amazing!!! I laughed so hard at the “Wreck the Halls!!!!!”

  4. LOL. This is amazing. I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. I just ended up having a really weird cough and smile before laughing. How did you manage to get him in the air?

    • It’s a photo editing technique called masking. You take a first photo with him standing on some bricks or some kind of support, and then the same photo when he’s not there.
      In editing, you cover up whatever he’s standing on in the first photo with the second one, so all you see is empty air, and it looks like he got up by himself. I normally can’t pull it off that well, but I think this specific strip was decent. 😛

  5. Lollll, this is so good

    BTW, do you have the remaining lyrics to his song? It’s very funny.

  6. Lolll, this is so good XD

    BTW, do you have the rest of the lyrics to his song? It’s actually rather catchy

    • I hadn’t thought of much else, really; but I suppose I could come up with more of you wanted. xD After “Let us hijack Santa’s sleigh” it could be “but why did we get coal on Christmas day?”

  7. Nice one!

  8. “Normally the person has this kind of dumb expression” *closes mouth and stops slouching*
    “But every now and then they have this kind of stupid grin” *wipes grin off of face and tries to look professional*

    I can relate so hard to this XD

  9. HAHAHA love it… and you did all the photos and editing yourself!??! That’s beyond cool! Keep it up 😀

    • He probably used some app for editing like Movavi Software, iMovie ( depends if he used an apple) , Prism or something like that. Camera? Nikon or DSLR cameras. Lighting? Likely his study light.