A Second Chance With Wells

Vyron has many interesting stories. If someone wrote a book on him, they might name various chapters “Streetfighting in City Drains for Cash,” “How Not to Handle Dynamite,” and “Greasing Windmills for Liars and Thieves.” Then the author might name another chapter: “A Second Chance With Wells.” Unlike many of the others, this is a heart-warming, family friendly story that is rated G.

Vyron had wanted to settle down on a secluded desert property with his wife Jessica. The two bought an RV and moved to the rolling foothill farmland in the hopes of setting up their own ranch.  They began accumulating a variety of farm animals.  The only problem lay with the water availability. By trucking water over from hospitable neighbors, they had enough for the time being but wanted to have a reliable source of their own. So they hired a well driller. Certain they would find water in the valley, they began drilling. After spending thousands of dollars, Vyron found no water in the depths of his new well. Extensive research ensued, and he found the well driller had missed an underground river by only a stone’s throw. His first attempt at a well had failed, and he had no money to drill another where the underground river flowed.

Vyron’s wife Jessica had a baby on the way, and the couple needed to stay somewhere more convenient—with working water. They chose to not sell their property but Vyron ended up working at a nearby ranch, so they moved their RV. They set up near a century old, picturesque barn and…hidden in the bushes nearby, found an abandoned well! The well they’d just moved next to looked like something from an old fairytale: it had a circular outer wall of stones cemented together and measured five and a half feet wide. Although the well didn’t connect to the water system they currently used, Vyron decided to figure out how to use the water in it. Water had become valuable over the last few years, to an extent that some ranches had to discontinue watering their land to be able to store water for firefighting. Wildfires occasionally threatened the region. If Vyron could only use the water in the new well, he could nourish his animals, have extra water for fire safety, and start a large garden without unnecessarily using the ranch’s main well water system they were now attached to.

First, Vyron would have to repel down the well to assess its condition and clean out any debris. He now had a second chance to establish a well.

Vyron prepared to descend into the well. Not only did the well pose an opportunity for extra water, but it had also become a thing of mystery for Vyron. While most explorers want to travel along Earth’s surface, an underground adventure sparked Vyron’s curiosity more. He has explored about 500 mineshafts during his lifetime.

“You never know what you will find, but that’s what adventures are about—going into the unknown,” Vyron says.

Someone dug the well by hand a long time ago. Would he find that man’s initials carved at the bottom? Would he find an old shovel long forgotten for the past hundred years? Vyron didn’t know, but he intended to find out.

Based on past mistakes, Vyron had learned all the necessary precautions before lowering himself into deep holes. So he put on a helmet and other gear that would help him reach the bottom and ascend back up the single rope safely. After putting on his gear, he repelled down. When he reached the bottom, Vyron measured the depth and width of the water: almost six feet wide and about four feet deep. He also noticed that there was junk underwater and the well had moss growing on the sides that needed cleaning. At the moment, he didn’t have time to clean small details, but he could clean out large pieces of junk. Ranch hands above him lowered a bucket, and Vyron sent it up full with junk. Next, he sent heavy metal poles to the top. This is where his hard hat came in handy; if something dropped, even though Vyron handled everything carefully, he would have an extra layer of protection. Nothing fell, and Vyron climbed up the well and arrived at Earth’s surface. He had done all the work he could today. The well would need more work to become functional, but Vyron had successfully completed the first step towards his goal.

Vyron didn’t find any treasures at the bottom, but he plans to descend again to clean more debris, such as the moss. Maybe next time he’ll find something interesting. Vyron plans to build his own pump for the well using an old windmill and other creative parts. He then plans to send the water to two water tanks, just as old as the well, which he found hidden in some trees so that he can use the water in the near future.

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