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They the Dead; We the Living (Liv Aden)

Their graves are calling
The graveyards sing
Silent solemnity and undisturbed peace
Silent trees with moss-stuffed cracks
Untrod grass and pale lichen
They the dead, in seeming rest.
The night is coming
The mind awakes
Blue skies turn gray and colors fade
Silent solemnity and disturbed peace
A loud mind with louder eyes refusing to be closed
Thoughts revisited, paler hands
They the living, weeping for rest.
The stars unveil
The moonlight shines
Silent solemnity and disturbing peace
A loud mind with a cold heart
Night hours and pale futures
They the living, desiring rest.
The morning comes
The sky grows bright
Silent solemnity turns into disturbed peace
A silent mouth and muted voice
Untrod grass and pale colors
They the living, still awake.
They the living, Them the dead
And us, neither one nor the other
Leave the resting to the passed
In time we can join Them the dead
We shall sleep another night and rest a different year

For now it is:
They the dead; but We the living.


How old are you? 16.
Where do you live? At my desk, I’m afraid.
What classes are you taking in TPS? English 3: Literature Survey; World History, Spanish 1, Chemistry, and Algebra 2.
What is your favorite thing about writing stories or poetry? I like being able to take what I’m feeling and being able to work it into something that I can read. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it makes me happy.
What is something interesting about you? I exist. =D



  2. This is so good, Liv!! <3

  3. liiiiiiiiv i love it

  4. HEYY
    this is so beautifulllll livvv
    you exiiist =D
    [also was this based off “in flander’s field” in a way? i seem to vaguely recognize the title…]

    this is so beautiful and dark and lovely livv amazing
    and you exist! xD
    (also, was this influenced by “in flander’s field”? i kind of recognize the title.)

  6. I have this feeling I know what this poem is about. Nice job! Amazing sensory details.

  7. YOOOOO, that was actually beautiful. I love the decision at the end–we must live, we have to be the ones.

  8. EYYYY LIV THIS IS BEAUTIFUL :’) I quite love it *grin*

  9. This is awesome, Liv. I love your tone, love your style, and I love the thought you put into all your writing. Keep it up *grins*

  10. Wow! Definently food for thought. I’m gonna have to go back and read that again!

  11. It’s a little late but this is great Liv!