How to Study


The best way to study is, well, to not study. Of course you already know the material! As a matter of fact, I’m busy not studying and reflecting right now!


Don’t study what will be on the test

Okay, so maybe you’ve decided that you do want to study for the test. Well, just make sure you study literally anything and everything that will not pertain to what you will actually be tested on.


Forget everything

Now that you’ve studied and opened the test, be sure to let your brain run away. Somehow, brains decide to throw away any important information as soon as a test is opened. Typically, this is where annoying song lyrics decide to take over your brain and play nonstop on repeat (Baby Shark comes to mind).



Scared of forgetting everything? Make sure to overstudy for the simplest of tests! There’s no feeling as satisfying as opening a test and realizing “Hey, I could have studied for fifteen minutes and aced this but I studied for three hours.”


End up studying something else

Have you ever started studying for a math test and ended up looking at the Wikipedia article for high fives and somehow finished the new season of your favorite show on Netflix? Just roll with it. You never know when someone’s going to break out a Kahoot on The Office and all of that shame will be washed away in a fifteen-minute period of glory.


Study with someone
Sometimes, if you’re in the same class as someone else, you’ll end up studying together. Of course, this never works out. You both just end up arguing about K pop.



Studying can be pretty hard, especially since midterms are so close! Power through it you guys, and we can make fun of how much/badly we studied together!


  1. Lolll Caleb, I so want to do all of that! *thinks of the lab report and lab report worksheet for General Science that he needs to finish before Thanksgiving Day* 🙁 xD

  2. Ahahahaha, this is too funny! I love the Baby Shark reference XDXD. Keep up the good writing!

  3. with these tips i’ll finally get the grades of my dreams (i have some weird dreams)

  4. Haha very good. Nice job, Caleb 😉

  5. Great advice! I actually never study though . . . I probably should though. I’ve never gotten a 100 yet, because ya know . . . I don’t study. (Who needs to know the name of Alexander the Great’s horse though??)

  6. That was so funny. Great job, Caleb.

  7. Haha these are awesome! 🙂

  8. I have spent maybe 5 minutes studying for tests in my life.

    Most of my grades range from 92% to 97%, though occasionally I´ll get a 100% or an 87%

  9. HAHA! Wish I could say that my grades are perfect with studying like that before xD. I think some teachers might not be happy when they see all their students failing their tests after we all read this xD.

    • Oh! Do you need some milk?! xDxD *facedesk* Ok, maybe I need some. If I’m gonna start studying like that, I definitely need extra milk xD

  10. xDD… this is hilarious, and I can’t wait to hear what my teachers have to say when I explain to them my new studying technique Lol *begins humming baby shark*