Meet Mrs. Stevens, Our Creative Social Science Teacher!

Mrs. Jennifer Stevens is one of those people you just want to know more about. In her social science classes, she drops hints of the full extent of her vast knowledge and experience, such as her ability to carry on full conversations in Serbian, when answering students’ questions. She nonchalantly does this as though it’s nothing special.

Mrs. Stevens is very experienced in her fields. Best of all, she uses that skill set for the highest purpose: God’s purpose. She has been a Christian since she was very young, but she credits the small group she and her husband joined as newlyweds with inspiring her to strengthen and own her faith. She called the discipleship and fellowship she experienced there “transformational”. She grew up in Texas and she has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Stephen F. Austin State University in addition to her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with a counseling focus from Baylor University. Once she was out of college, Mrs. Stevens worked in a private counseling practice for several years before she and her husband felt called to enter the missions field. Their family lived in Belgrade, Serbia, for eight years before settling down in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where her husband of 20 years now pastors a church. While in Serbia, Mrs. Stevens had the incredible opportunity to serve and reach many people of many different backgrounds both spiritually and physically.

She and her husband homeschool their 3 children. Their daughters have really enjoyed and benefited from their TPS classes, even if their 7-year-old son is still to young for it. When the family returned from Serbia, Mrs. Stevens wanted to share her expertise and experience with other TPSers. She says that their family had gotten so much from TPS and she wanted to give a little back. And thus The Potter’s School’s Psychology and Sociology classes were born. Her number one hope for her students is that they take what they learn in class and in their homework and apply it to their Christian worldview.

Mrs. Stevens with her family

Outside of the missions field and her GP6 classroom, Mrs. Stevens has many unique interests. Aside from speaking fluent Serbian, Mrs. Stevens likes cooking and baking, particularly when the product is tasty to eat. She confesses a deep love of chocolate and her favorite recipe is a flourless chocolate cake. Apparently, the flourless quality makes it dense and fudgy and quite the treat. Served with raspberry sauce, she says, it’s absolutely decadent. She also gets joy from doing crafty things for her family like costuming and party planning. Most recently, she held a Alice in Wonderland themed party for her daughter and made some spectacular costumes for the whole family.


Mrs. Stevens wore a mad hatter costume of her own design to the party!

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