Girl’s Spotlight: Hope Shelton


I have successfully made contact with Hope Shelton. I hope to continue my acquaintance with her in order to provide more information, but the following is the information I currently possess concerning Miss Shelton:

My impression of her from my conversation with her is that she is a very thorough and intelligent individual.

Hope Shelton, a 15.61 year old 10th grader, resides in Cappadocia, a region in central Turkey,2 with her parents and five sisters.3 This 2018-2019 school year, her second year with The Potter’s School, she is taking History of East Asia, taught by Mr. Mailand, and Creative Writing, taught by Mrs. Gaines, through an application called “GP6.”4 She is also taking several classes through local homeschool co-ops. Her favorite subject is a class called “Cotillion,”5 in which she learned all sort of dances from swing dancing6 to waltzing.

Miss Shelton tends to spend her free time reading, writing with her imagination running wild, and listening to music. Other times, she bakes, crochets, draws, or plays Tag.7 Unlike many bookworms, she is not diagnosed with I-don’t-have-a-favorite-book-because-I-can’t-choose, and she has a favorite series: Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson.8 In terms of movies,9 she is a BIG fan of Marvel—she loves how it is so intricately designed with easter eggs, little details, references, and contrasts throughout.

In four words, Hope describes herself as “introverted, nerdy, secretly-silly, and different.” When I inquired who she looked up to, she replied with the following words:

One of my role models is one of my closest friends. He’s good at getting younger kids to listen to him while still being playful and funny, is really talented both with art and with words, and, for me, at least, really shows what it’s like to treat friends like family – all things that I value and want to reflect in my own life. Also he’s really good when it comes to noticing what’s wrong with his friends and making sure that everyone is having a good time when people are in a group.”

In the near future, Hope would like to…

  1. Successfully finish the play10 in which she is the Assistant Director.
  2. Have an “epic Marvel-themed 16th birthday party.”
  3. Go to TPS camp in June.11
  4. Make an awesome Marvel costume.
  5. Get good grades to appease her perfectionist self.

After high school, Hope would like to…

  1. Attend college—probably in Texas
  2. Possibly major in Interior Design
  3. Return someday to Turkey as a homeschool helper for other TCK.12

I assure you, Sir, that I am almost done. I just need to mention one last thing.

I would like to close with this statement of Miss Shelton concerning her favorite book of the Bible, Revelations:

It’s the epic climactic point of the story of the world that God is writing, and I love epic climactic points.13

I hope this information will be helpful fulfilling your purposes, whatever they are.


Awaiting further instruction,




1 approximately (rounded to the nearest tenth)
2 I conducted research on this region and discovered that this region is a popular tourist site.
3 Hope and all of her sisters are adopted.
4 I shall most certainly provide more information about this in future letters.
5 I researched this and discovered that this is a sort of social dance which was popular during the 1700’s.
6 This is her favorite type of dancing.
7 “That last one might sound weird, but it’s so true… I will play it anywhere, anytime, with anyone that’s willing to put up with me.”
8 I managed to get a hold of the series, and I highly recommend it.
9 and comics
10 The play is ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.’
11 The research I conducted suggested that this is a great camp.
12 Third Culture Kids.
13 I realize, Sir, that this probably isn’t relevant information, but it’s a great quote.
14 Yessir, it’s me Jillian. In case you were wondering about the quality of my writing, Hannah proofreaded it and ruined it all.


    Hannah (or Jillian for that matter), this is incredibly hilarous & awesome a big good job to ya x)

  2. EYYYY!! It’s HOPE!!! Awesome article!!

  3. Hi Hope! Let us know on Forums if you get that Marvel-themed party!

  4. Awwwww it’s Hope!! <333 I love the article, great job! And the picture just made me smile. 🙂