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Strength like a Bridge

There have been many instances in my life where I have broken someone’s trust. Now more than ever, I have realized that trust is very precious and fragile. An action or word can destroy a person’s trust in you or possibly destroy that relationship.

At times, I find it difficult to trust those around me—my friends and even my family. So today I am going to ask a critical question: Why put your trust, something so precious, in a God you cannot even see?

#1: What is Trust?

Trust is putting your faith or confidence in another person who you believe will value it. When you trust someone, you are putting your faith and security in them. This is not a one-time occurrence but rather something to be cultivated so that relationships can strengthen. Trust is like rock climbing. While you are attached to the harness, you trust the other person to keep a tight grip on the rope so you will not fall. It is believing that the other person will watch your back and never fail you.

It is important how we define trust since it is constantly mishandled and abused. People will often take someone’s trust and cast it aside with no regret. This leaves us with thoughts of betrayal and unease. While trust can be freeing and ease your mind, it’s fragile—it can be broken in an instant.

#2 Trusting in Others

As we build relationships with other people, we need to understand that there is a degree of trust involved. We trust that the other people in our groups will do their part in making a project. We trust that our friends will be there when circumstances of life go awry.

However, trust is a risk. Putting your trust in others can be one of the best or worst choices you make. As humans, we are imperfect by nature. No matter what, there will be mistakes, thus, we must do our best to value the trust others place in us and carefully choose who we trust. So what does trust look like in a relationship?

  • Trust is allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

You can’t enter a relationship and not trust the other person. That’s just impossible. So in order to trust another person, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable with them so that they can trust you and vice versa.

  • Trust is enduring through all circumstances.

When you build a bridge, you don’t build a weak structure. You build a firm foundation and give it strength so that it can last through any hardship it goes through. In the same way, our trust needs to be strong like a bridge. When others go through difficult times in their lives, you don’t abandon them; you stay by them and stand up for them. Why? It is because they trust you to support them.

  • If you break their trust, pick up the pieces.

It’s true that when you lose the trust someone has placed in you, it’s very difficult to get it back. Although it is a wearying task, you should work to regain it. Yes, the relationship may never be the same, but many times it becomes stronger than ever before.

#3 He will never fail you

“Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” 

(Psalm 9:10 NIV).

When we put our trust in other people, they are always going to fail us in one way or another. It can’t be helped. We are imperfect by nature—something that cannot be fixed by our hands. While trusting in a being we can’t even see seems even less satisfactory, that is not the case.

God, being holy, is perfect in every way. He never sins nor falls into evil things. Because He is perfect and because He loves us, He wants us to trust in Him. When we put our trust in Him and Him alone, our future is secure. Because God is always faithful to us, we can find security in Him.

I know, I know, it’s not that easy. Believe me, I had and still have the hardest time trusting in God. I’ve had to deal with harsh experiences in life that have slowly broken me. I couldn’t trust others and I certainly could not trust a God who seemed so far away. But then I realized how faithful God is.

In every circumstance in my life, there was proof that God had not let the opportunity pass without blessing me in one or many ways. Even when I could not bring myself to trust in Him, God still continued to love and bless me in ways I could not even imagine.

There’s a saying that states, “trust goes both ways,” but with God, we only need to place our trust in Him and He will take care of the rest—never forsaking.


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  1. I love this article. Great job, Carolyn!

  2. So true, Carolyn! I have been in the same boat. Thank you for this honest and touching article. 🙂