How to Text in Class

No, not that kind of texting! This month, we’re talking about using your chat box in GP6. If you’ve taken a TPS class this year, (which, by now, would be concerning if you haven’t) you’ll have noticed and have most likely used the chat box. But what are the best ways to implement this magic stream of text for your benefit? Read on for pro tips!



Be sure to use emojis to add some pop to your message so that your teacher will pay more attention to you. Did they mention something important upcoming on the test? Make sure to add :rainbow: :unicorn: :neckbeard: : wink : :neckbeard: :unicorn: :rainbow: emojis! They know what that means and will certainly be paying close attention to you for the rest of the week. When you’re not sure which emoji you should use, just text the omega symbol enclosed in a purple square. Someone mentioned to me that it is an emoji that only an elite group of TPS students are aware of and this is the best way to communicate to them. Unfortunately, I was never invited to the TPS Illuminati and therefore cannot disclose where I was fed this information.


Be first:

Everyone knows that the second you see the red message meeting is being recorded at the beginning of class, you type “1st!” Teachers love this and will award extra credit to any student who actually is first to type. However, you can also earn credit through “2nd” or “3rd” or “1,548th!” one little known secret tip is to write “last” as soon as you see recording has stopped.


Texting slang:

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the texting abbreviations – here’s a list you can use as a cheat-sheet in class.

-smh: so much happy

Example: “great job smh”

-ikr: I (k)an’t read

Example: ikr so relatable

-nvm: Never Veer (away from) Me- ie “pay attention”

Example: “NVM about the last question”

-lol – this is not a texting abbreviation as most people would be led to believe. This is a cry for help, represented by a person drowning, flailing their arms and trying to keep their head above the water.


Bonus tip:

-if you really want that “first” comment, change the text to red (type in the chat box `color(red) “text”`) and type “meeting is being recorded.” Usually, this will make everyone send their pre-written comment and therefore increases your chance of being the first comment by at least 50%.


That’s all for today! Leave a comment for any other crazy class chat experiences you may have had. :winkymcwinkyface: :hearty_heart:





Thanks to Jake Moore for helping remind me to add the “first” joke to my article.


  1. I’ll definitely be using these in my next class xD

  2. Haha, this is so awesome! Thanks, Caleb!… another tip, if you feel bored in class, go to, tap on the Gif you want, and tap on the copy link button, and copy the second option (there will be four available). and past it in the chatbox. The Gif will appear 😉

  3. Hahaha! The “lol” part killed me!

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  5. I already know how to do that 😛 Next time Caleb, could you incorporate different fonts (how to)? *sees an opportunity to practice conferencing in everything* ;P

  6. So helpful! haha but really this is great

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    This is great! xD

  8. I will say that this is confirmed to work


  9. I will say this is confirmed to work….
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