Girl’s Spotlight: Fiona O’Connor

The setting is a a small office. In the center is a table with chairs on either end of it. A tall girl, Fiona, sits on a chair to the left of the table. Another girl, Hannah, materializes into a chair at the right end of the table. This is virtual reality.

Hannah Wong: Hello.

Fiona O’Connor: Hi!

Hannah: Ready to get started?

Fiona: Yes!

Hannah takes out a pencil and notepad. The following interview
ensues with Hannah taking notes.

Hannah: What is your age? Grade? Location?

Fiona: I just turned 16. I’m a sophomore in highschool, and I live in Minnesota.

Hannah: What classes are you taking with TPS this year?

Fiona: I’m taking Algebra 2 with the benevolent dictator Mrs. K, Pre-AP Chemistry with Mrs. Selby, and Honors Modern History, Literature, and Composition with Ms. Wood and Mr. Mailand.

Hannah: What is your perfect day like?

Fiona: I like just being outside with my siblings.

Hannah: Who is your role model and why?

Fiona hesitates.

Fiona: Uh, is it possible to have a different question, ‘cause I’m an isolated homeschooler who lives on a cold dark tundra… Oh, do my parents count? They’re awesome people who really live a godly, productive life and give very good advice.

Hannah nods.

Hannah: What is your MBTI type? Describe yourself in 4 words

Fiona: Wait, hold on, I forgot. I need to go check.

Fiona takes out a folder and glances through its contents.

Fiona: ESFJ-A. Four words… Um… How would you describe me?

Hannah: Open, fun… friendly, and emotional?

Fiona: Perfect!

Hannah: Do you have any pets?

Fiona: We don’t have any pets due to me being extremely allergic to just about everything.

Hannah: What is your favorite subject?

Fiona: Math or anything related to math, so this year I’m really enjoying both Algebra 2 and Chemistry.

Hannah: What are some of your hobbies and talents?

Fiona: I swim competitively, so that takes up a lot of my time outside of school and studying, but I also really enjoy doing DIY’s. I’m talented at biking at high speeds and keeping up with my two little brothers.

Hannah: How much do you swim?

Fiona: I swim about 17 hours a week (I don’t swim on Sundays).

Hannah: Wow.

Hannah: Favorite books, movies, and music?

Fiona: I really like mysteries and anything by Charles Dickens. I’m not a huge movie fan, because I get scared and scream and that’s kind of disturbing to other viewers, so I really enjoy nice calm Disney movies. I like a ton of different music, but NF, For King and Country, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, and The Chainsmokers are my favorite bands.

Hannah: What is one thing you hate?

Fiona: Pickles.

Hannah: Agreed!

Hannah: What is one thing you love?

Fiona: I love getting hugs.

Hannah: Ah… I don’t.

Hannah: What is one flaw and one strength you possess?

Fiona: I can be kind of immature, but I can always bring humor into a situation.

Hannah: Hmm… Anyways, what is one thing you want to do before you die?

Fiona thinks.

Fiona: I would love to meet all my online friends.

Hannah: Hmm. Just don’t hug me.

Hannah quickly moves on.

Hannah: Ok. What is your favorite color?

Fiona: I’m gonna find you and hug you! It’s my new mission in life.

Fiona grins. Hannah sighs but smiles.

Fiona: Anyways, I like grey, ‘cause I look like a zombie in black, and grey is the closest color. I also like dark purple… and navy. So basically any dark muted color.

Hannah: Ok, that’s it. Thanks!

Fiona: Ah. Thanks for interviewing me!

Short pause.

Hannah: Hmm. To come to think of it, if you ever see me, you won’t recognize me, but I can recognize you.

Fiona: True… but I’ll ask Bob (fake name for privacy purposes).

Hannah: Won’t work.

Fiona: Ugh, but you need a hug…

Hannah: Alright… Only one—if you ever meet me.

Fiona: Ok. It’s my mission in life, Hannah. I will find you and hug you.

Hannah: What happened to glorifying God?

Fiona: Okay, okay. It’s my secondary goal then.

Short pause.

Fiona: I actually need to go. Thanks for interviewing me!

Hannah: Ok, bye!

Both dematerialize. A minute after both leave, the scene dematerializes.


  1. Glorious

  2. This is the best ever!!!
    Those are some great questions, Hannah.
    And Fiona, you are the most adorable thing ever. <3

  3. This is the best. xDD I loved every moment of it!
    Those are some great questions, Hannah.
    Also, Fiona, you’re so adorbs. <3

  4. Thanks for interviewing me Hannah! xD