Falling Asleep in Class Again

Hi, everyone! It’s Annalee again, wondering how your month went.


I had a super exciting month! My foot rash is getting better. It did take off one of my toenails and the rest of my foot is kind of black, but hey, I don’t want to show you a picture because TMI. Am I right or am I right?

Also, I finally started showing up to my TPS classes. I realized that I missed the first three weeks of classes by accident, so that was disappointing. Anyway, my takeaway from these class? I fall asleep every time and most of the other students only keep awake by focusing on things besides class. Whether that’s Instagram, YouTube, or Corgi Parties (It’s a real website. Look it up.), the one thing that nobody does is pay attention.

And let me tell you, my classes are boring. I’m taking TPS orientation for Chinese families. I don’t even speak Chinese. Plus, the classes are at 1:45 AM. (Come to think of it, that might be part of the reason that I keep falling asleep during class.)

My other classes are Arabic 1, (both section 1 and section 2) Arabic 2, Arabic 3, Arabic Conversations 1, and Arabic Conversations 2. In short, I don’t understand Arabic any more than I did before this year started, but the seeing all the squiggles makes me feel good.

I do, however, have a problem. I keep falling asleep. And I don’t know how to stay awake. So, I came up with some ideas, but I don’t know if they’re any good. But, I did make some resolutions.

  1. I will skip every third class for the purposes of napping. Once school started, I’ve only been getting 10 hours of sleep a night and I’m really suffering. My preferred sleep schedule is from 1 AM to about 3 PM.

  2. I will spam the chat box. In Arabic. My favorite thing to do is to take quotes from Twilight (the fan fiction version because fan fiction makes everything better) throw them into google translate and put them in the chat box. “Oh Edward. You make me so gooey inside.” becomes يا إدوارد ، أنت تجعلني اسفنجي في الداخل This is especially fun in TPS orientation for Chinese families, because not only do they not understand the translation, they probably haven’t read Twilight either.

  3. I will ask to go on mic repeatedly. And play ASMR (Again, look it up. It’s weird.) as loudly as humanly possible. Preferably the weird ASMR that is actually quite scary. Like the one of the woman cutting off her fingernails.

  4. I will fall asleep while pushing on the v button and the enter button. That way, even though I’m not paying attention, I’m still active in the chat box and nobody will be able to tell.

I’m glad you see my problem. However, there’s an easier way to fix this. Drop out of high school. Commune with nature. Collect pet squirrels (like me). I’m honestly considering this possibility.


Anyways, I don’t feel like writing anymore because I’m too extra. Tots later, fam.


  1. Haha, this was great!

  2. lollll
    But seriously, ASMR is really creepy. My brother and sister tried doing it together with pickles. They couldn’t stop laughing at themselves XD

  3. HAHAHA!! That was hilarious!! LOL
    Just a recommendation, take the classes at the right times…Don’t have those 1:45 AM classes! I’d literally fall asleep in every class if that happened to me…

    Also the fourth way was just hilarious LOL. I bet your classmates will be happy with that way!! *sarcastic voice* XD

  4. How can you suffer from getting 10 hours of sleep every night!?! I only get 8 and I feel great! (except the longest time I ever slept in)

  5. Thats Great!!!!!

  6. This was great XDD, awesome job (i may have to take these into consideration)! And I have been getting 5-7 hours asleep cause I stay up late but gotta be up at 8 or earlier ahaa…

  7. Lol 10 hours that’s too much sleep

  8. hey everyone welcome to asmr Kirby and today I will be smacking my lips makeing creepy but satisfying sounds….NOT!! HAHAHAHA YOU WERE FOOLED MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH THE RISE OF “SLICK” SHALL BEGIN!!!!!

  9. Sounds like a real liberal arts set of classes you’ve got there, my friend.

  10. I love the meme at the top.( XD LOL)! And I will definitely use the fourth and final way. Everyone will be telling me to stop, but i will be to asleep to see it! 🙂