Editor’s Note: Why Creativity Matters

Why does creativity matter? What is it about creativity that makes us step back and say, “Wow, now that’s a masterpiece”? Here at clay, each of us writers, editors, and photographers exert our creative forces on almost a daily basis to bring this e-zine to life. From creating hilariously anonymous Humor writers named Annalee to poetry featuring personal artwork to random editor’s notes like this that sound totally amazing, creativity at clay makes us sparkle. But beyond clay, each of us writers, editors, and readers use creativity in our lives more than we know.

How many of you enjoy writing terrible puns? Which of you have battled tooth and nail to be first on the GP6 recording because somewhere inside you, an inner five year old has invented some kind of pointless and yet indispensable race? Which of you have considered composing a song that replaces the all-too-old GP6 music? All of these activities are in a sense, creative. Each of us, at our core, long for novelty, for originality. Even the most meticulous, rigid one among us has an inner longing to express their ideas and emotions through words, art, music, or other creative endeavors.

Although none of us would doubt the fun of creativity, some of us sometimes can’t help but feel that it’s all a waste of time. Why should we spend time writing poems and stories that we lock away when we have so much schoolwork to do? What’s the point of this assigned Creative Writing exercise that makes me use words that don’t have the letter “e” in them? Why should I sing and dance and make music when there are already so many other people out there who can sing better and write better than I? What’s it all for?

In a sense, our creativity is a part of what makes us human. Our God is a creative God. He is God the Creator. Each of us has the wonderful privilege of being made in His image, thus we have inherited His creativity. It is then our duty and honor to reflect this creativity in our own lives. In fact, the word “creativity” at its roots means “to grow.” When each of us exerts our creative talents, we grow as humans, expanding our possibilities, thinking outside the box. By being creative, we can truly learn more about the meaning of life, the beauty of God, and the wonder of Creation than any amount of hardcore science and following principles can teach us. Those who have learned to hone their creativity can wield it to solve life’s problems and explore the world. Most importantly, however, when we exert our creative skills, we comprehend more deeply the intricacies of God’s glory, thus growing in our faith.

What sort of Creator would even think of making hilarious TPSers who spend so much time clashing in gummy bear wars or llama discussions? What Being would fashion the chirping birds swimming in sunlight that we can enjoy from our front porches? What god would bless us with such plasticity, that we can change the traditional definition of “friendship” to something that takes place over the internet and bridges distance in a beautiful, miraculous way? The answer to all of these? Only God, our God.

So don’t any of you dare hold back your creativity. Those cheesy skits with friends, fantastical doodles, and unpolished yet imaginative handiworks are so, so worth it because not only can they bless others and polish your creative sword, but they all teach us more about God’s glory. Let your imaginations soar! Creativity matters.


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  1. This was such a beautiful article to read! I love this! I really needed this encouragement, so thank you for creating such a CREATIVE (hehe) article !

  2. Beautiful article, Jacey. =)