Draw Like an Artist in “Art and Artists” Class

Art has always held an important position in history, science, literature, and many other subjects. Imagine how different the world would be if we could not portray our discoveries and histories through artistic endeavors. This is why TPS offers a course for our wonderful middle schoolers to learn how to draw and paint, along with a course on how art progressed through time.

In 2015, TPS and Jana Lake decided to start a hands-on art class where students could study art movements and art techniques to apply them to their own individual and personalized art pieces.

But how does “hands-on” online work? Through clear instructions, pictures, examples, open discussions, and step-by-step videos of the teacher, students can learn how to create art each week. With every kind of materials available, Art and Artists “focuses on experimenting and creating with various art mediums and techniques.” Once they finish every week, the students have an “art gallery” where they share their work, showing how they each used the unique artistic voices God has given them. Through these artistic exhibitions, students learn to support each other as they progress throughout the year.

Art and Artists teaches techniques of watercolor, acrylic, use of drawing pencils, oil and chalk pastels, printmaking, sculpture, and more. They use every found material available to create their own unique artworks. This class also informs the students about the different art movements in the world, why they were what they were, and who the artists were as individual people. In addition to the art movements, the class teaches how society and religion influenced each movement.

Each week, one specific kind of art technique is presented and taught thoroughly so the students can leave class and begin to work on their projects, which usually take no more than 2-3 hours. And fortunately for the students, these projects—aside from around five, at most, pages of reading—are the only homework in the class. That’s right: no quizzes or tests.

There is only one book needed for the class: A Child’s Introduction to Art. But aside from the book, kids will need an array of art supplies (which are given by Mrs. Lake) that they can usually purchase easily. Although if they cannot, Mrs. Lake will find a way around it.

Mrs. Lake herself uses “engaging, fun, entertaining, [and] interactive” teaching methods, saying that she can also be “a bit silly at times!”

She describes the class as “truly a fun, hands-on art class for beginners and for those who desire to explore various techniques and mediums. It is rare to find an art course that covers such a wide range of mediums and techniques while also teaching about the backdrop of how the various styles of art came into existence. In addition, you will learn the stories of some of the greatest artists who ever lived. Overall, you will gain a better understanding and confidence in your art skills and who God made you to be. You can’t miss this class!”

Overall, Art and Artists is a fun and interactive means for middle-schoolers to learn art techniques and art history. Through learning the different artists through time, they not only gain the benefit of learning but can be inspired by their lives and works.

Mrs. Lakes invites students to “COME JOIN US! This is a must-take class for anyone with even the slightest interest in art. You will not be disappointed in the rich learning environment, variety of hands-on projects, and discovering more about WHO God made you to be as an individual and artist.”


Photo credit: guess who drew the bad picture (hint: it’s the author of this article)! The woman in green is Mrs. Lake’s art.

More pics by students and Mrs. Lake here:


  1. This is so cool that this kind of art can be taught online! Good job 🙂

  2. Ooooh the drawing is so detailed, so, how do you say, inspiring!!!