Two Borders and a Wall

Nations only have so much land. Each country’s territory ends at a coastline or at the land of another country. Within its borders, a country has the authority to do what they want. A common decision is to put up a border wall, which has several advantages. It helps the government manage what comes into their country by keeping out unwanted, illegal, or dangerous objects. A wall offers a level of protection that gives time for defenders to prepare themselves for armed conflict. Recently there have been talks of placing a new wall along the  southern border of the U.S., which is currently in a lackluster condition. There has been much debate about whether it is necessary or worth it. Whether one is built or not, a decision needs to be reached soon.

Building a wall would have many direct effects. President Trump and many supporters of the wall want a more secure border primarily to crack down on illegal immigration. In the past year, the Customs and Border Protection detained over 350,000 people illegally entering along the southwestern border. Placing a wall in that area would help reduce that number, as well as the amount of smuggled items such as drugs or weapons. Such a project would cost a lot of money though. It currently plays a big factor in a new national budget, as the White House is requesting five billion dollars for the project. However, the appropriations committees in Congress are offering lower figures. This gridlock could lead to a potential government shutdown, as a new spending bill needs to be passed before September 30th. President Trump said he most likely will not shut down the government over this, but only to protect Republicans from losing seats in this year’s Midterm Election. Regardless of what happens, there will be an immediate impact.

Putting up a wall would also have many long term effects. It would help curb illegal activity and crime in the country. On a typical day in 2016, U.S. border patrol officers would seize nearly eight thousand pounds of drugs, over four hundred types of pests and diseases in food and animals, and arrest about twenty wanted criminals. However, people still manage to get through, so putting a wall up would mean less bad things entering the country. Drugs have been a big problem for decades, and diseases can harm many people before it even becomes noticed. Most importantly, criminals illegally entering the country are a major threat to our citizens. MS-13, an international gang, has been responsible for lots of drug activity, gang violence, and murders. Securing more of the border will help agents stop criminals entering the country. The decision to put up a wall now will affect this country for many years ahead.

Putting up a wall would not be meant to discourage people who are attempting to legitimately enter the country from immigrating; rather, it would be an effective way to keep people who try to enter illegally out. There is a process to becoming an immigrant. It may be long and disorganized, but people who truly want a better life will follow the laws established. This country is great because of the dedication of its citizens, and immigrants wanting to be a part of this country should show the same dedication.

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