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Seraphina Chong’s Memory Poem

Seraphina Chong’s Memory Poem


“Childhood Friends by the Sea”


My childhood friend and me

We met a long time ago

By the shore of the sky blue sea.


We’d splash into the waves, so free

And sometimes we’d catch a cold,

My childhood friend and me.


During summer we’d make some tea

Using shells as cups filled with sand like gold

By the shore of the sky blue sea.


Other times we would climb a palm tree

Then jump down so, so bold,

My childhood friend and me.


At night, the sky will laugh at us with glee

Shown when it twinkles and glows, so we are told

By the shore of the sky blue sea.


But no matter where we’ll be

The bond we have will never grow old,

My childhood friend and me

By the shore of the sky sea. 


Seraphina said she wrote this villanelle last year in her English 2 class about two childhood friends. It also serves to tell about her own childhood friend.



About the Author


How old are you?




Where do you live?


I originally lived in Singapore, but I moved to Malaysia.


What subjects are you taking with TPS?


This year, I am taking English 3 Literature Survey, French 1 (One day), Spanish 2, and U.S. History. 


What is your favorite part about writing poetry?


My favorite part would be creating the rhythm for the poem as through it, I can express my feelings for many things, such as my dreams, friends, family, and life. Additionally, I love producing music, so I find that process really fun!




  1. If i was your teacher, I’d give you a 200% great job sera!

  2. yayyy! Great job Sera 🙂


  4. Great job Sera! Its amazing!

  5. Thank you all 😀

  6. You did such a great job Sera! It’s beautiful 🙂

  7. This is amazing. It reminds me of my own childhood friend who I haven’t seen for a few years. Love it.

  8. Is it stupid to say that I actually felt something when I read this…whatever, cause I LOVED IT!

  9. Nice job Seraphina!!! *pastes a 110% sticker on article* 😛