Introducing Mrs. Isha Youhas: Our Experienced Constitutional Law Instructor!

Mrs. Isha Youhas, our experienced Constitutional Law teacher, was born in Puerto Rico. She spent most of her childhood in New Jersey, despite being moved around a few times by the oil company her parents worked for. Since she grew up Catholic, Mrs. Youhas became a Christian at a young age. The Catholic Church, she says, is very clear on the sin message, so she recognized that humanity had a big problem. She just didn’t get the solution. At the age of 13, she attended a summer camp in upstate New York where, for the first time, she heard the gospel. She now attends Harvester Presbyterian Church in Northern Virginia, where she serves and worships her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


In school, Mrs. Youhas loved history. She says that after getting her first taste of law in a history of law class at the University of Michigan, where she was studying history and biology, she knew that was what she wanted to be doing. She attended law school at Duke University, where the Lord confirmed that this was her calling. She loved every minute of it. Since graduating with a JD and a LLM, Mrs. Youhas has had many wonderful opportunities to develop her aptitudes and expand her expertise. Once out of law school, she clerked for 9th circuit federal judge Andrew J. Kleinfeld. She gained invaluable experience, drafting opinions on many hefty legal issues from employment discrimination to conspiracy. After that, she got to practice corporate and security enforcement law at a huge and influential firm in Washington, D.C.  Mrs. Youhas worked hard for 12 years at the firm. She got the opportunity to do amazing things. She was part of the investigation of the largest government related embezzlement scandal in the history of Washington, D.C. Since she is fluent in Spanish, she traveled to Latin America where she says the food was amazing and got to investigate internal corporate fraud. After being a mover and shaker in true D.C.-citizen style, she decided it was time to settle down with her family. She started homeschooling when her children were quite young – six, four, three, and newborn – and began teaching history and government classes at a local co-op soon thereafter.

The Potter’s School is very lucky to have Mrs. Youhas as our Constitutional Law teacher. Between her successful career in law and homeschooling her four children, Mrs. Youhas is a wealth of knowledge in her field as well as on how to teach it. Students entering her class should expect to read difficult but fascinating precedent setting cases and participate in thought provoking discussions that will clear up any bits of the reading they struggled with. Mrs. Youhas hopes her students walk away with an ability to think critically about what they read and hear and to know where you stand on issues while not blinding yourself to someone else’s point of view. After all, these skills are applicable not only in a law firm or as a Christian apologist but also in life as a citizen and as an adult in the workforce. She believes that there is a distinct lack of that ability in the public sector today and believes that it is a skill we should all be honing.


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