How To Make a Popular YouTube Video

Since the school year is starting soon, we students have to find ways to effectively use our free time. So we spend quality time with each other, right? Wrong. We spend it on our phones and computers. Among the many forms of media and websites that teens and students are spending their time on, one rises to the top: YouTube. Everyone loves to watch a good video on YouTube, and it’s hard not to get sucked in and realizing hours later you have homework. We have all had a dream to become a famous YouTuber, so here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to millions of followers and cheesy merchandise.


Do what everybody else is doing

Why be popular by being creative when you can be famous by doing what everyone else is doing? Science channel? Explain Ooblek! Sports? Copy Dude Perfect! One of those random channels that just does whatever’s popular? Keep it up.


When in doubt, make a compilation

Don’t have a video idea? Just make a try not to laugh or vine compilation. Or any other compilation. Seriously, a video of you choking or laughing weirdly for 10 minutes isn’t that hard to put together and will trick viewers and subscribers into thinking you’re actually working on videos when you just want to be lazy.


Make anything Fortnite related

It’s 2018, and Fortnite is at a peak that very few games have ever been able to hit before. Make a video that is even remotely related to Fortnite and you’re set. Enough said.



You don’t actually need a good video so long as it catches viewers for a few seconds. A good thumbnail and a cheesy title with ENOUGH CAPS always seems to do the trick with YouTube, and the monetization system is built so well that since the ad is before the video, you’ll still make loads of money if your viewers click off the video immediately.


Get high energy

The most popular Youtubers and vloggers have more energy and excitement than three people combined. So, be sure to stay HYPED by drinking lots of Monster Energy, coffe, and Red Bull.


Survive a fast off of nothing but likes and views

This will give you nothing but pure motivation for viewers. You know how YouTubers are not only hyped up but seem slightly insane and desperate when begging for views? Well, it’s the ‘tube fast. This can also save you tons of money since your expenses will be way lower without food.


Like and Subscribe

As humans, we all obviously forget to subscribe when YouTubers tell us to. So to make sure your viewers don’t forget, tell viewers to subscribe every five seconds and remind them to like and comment at every chance possible.



Now you know how to make it to the trending tab in no time! Do you agree with all the tips? Leave a like! Don’t? Subscribe for monthly uploads! Have any other ideas? Leave a comment!




  1. I wonder if any YouTube is gonna get us in trouble for exploiting their secre-DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!

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