Girl’s Spotlight—Abby Colbert

“Abby Colbert, a 16-year-old senior. A YouTuber.” the card reads–I will have a word with Jillian about the sentence fragments later.

“Alright,” I say, grabbing my notebook and pen, “Let’s begin.”

Abby lives in Massachusetts. As a second year TPSer, she will take Photography: Beginner to Brilliant and Economics & Government (one semester). She enjoys reading classic books and listening to Shawn Mendes and NF’s music. Her favorite movies are La La Land and the television series Mission Impossible.

“How would you describe yourself in four words?”
“Fun, talkative, productive, and studious.” Abby replies after a moment of thought.

“What is one strength you have? One flaw?”
“I pay attention to details, and my flaw is that I’m stubborn.”

“What is one thing you love? One thing you hate?”
“I love my friends and family, and I hate it when people are annoying.”

“Mmm…” I nod and scribble down some notes.
“Oh, and what is one thing that annoys you?” I add, looking up.
“I am annoyed when I see girls chase after the boys.” Abby makes a face.

Abby’s perfect day would include getting school work done and editing videos on the computer. As a hobby, Abby YouTubes, posting a video once a week. She currently has 16 subscribers and 40 videos on her channel.

“Tell us more about your YouTubing.”
“I started in April or May of 2017. I love making videos and editing them, and I want to continue doing this until I am old and potentially don’t like it anymore. My videos mostly discuss my faith and school. Occasionally, I do a day in my life.”

Abby’s future plans are to continue YouTubing and her job. She wants to go to community college and major in communications. Her career plans are rather vague, but she wants to start off being an assistant to someone, then go on from there.

“Who is your role model and why?”
“My former youth leader, because she has characteristics that I strive to have, including waiting to date.”
“Hmm. Last question. What is one thing you want to do before you die?”
“I want to build the kingdom of God.”
“Alright. Thank you!” I smile and stand up to lead Abby out.
“No problem!”
I wave a goodbye to Abby as she steps out the door.
“Bye!” She calls back.

And she’s gone. I close the door.
“Jillian!” I call.
My brainkeeper peeks out from the pantry. “What?”
“About those fragments…”
“Oh, sorry.” Jillian withdraws her head.
A few suspicious sounds occur. Hmph. I march over to the pantry and fling open the door.
“Hehe… Uh…” Jillian laughs nervously. I look around. I will need to get a lock for the pantry and replenish the food. Hmph.
“Time for an English lesson,” I declare and drag Jillian out towards my office.
“Noooooo…” Jillian moans, rolling her eyes and lolling out her tongue. “I ain’t need no English lesson.”


  1. Wow, Hannah Amazing did not know you already posted this. LOL late for everything!