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Guest Article: Laura Walker’s Perfect Pictures

I took this in central Oregon while I was camping with my family the night before the 2017 eclipse. While I was taking this picture, I was very uncomfortable. There were goats everywhere, sharp rocks which you can’t see, and there was the pervasive fear that I might disrupt a certain rattle snake.

I took this sunset photo in Hawaii and the other one in Kauai. The ocean is a powerful force and constantly changing and is never the same everywhere. It can be calm and peaceful in one area while simultaneously being reckless and terrifying in another. Sometimes when I am at the ocean I will sit on the beach and stare out at the ocean because it looks like a blank canvas. I can forget about everything around me and start over.

I took this in Portugal as I was wondering around exploring by myself.

I took this in Kauai while trying to take a really cool underwater shot of myself, but that didn’t work out, and I ended up taking this picture, which I wasn’t as happy with because it wasn’t what I wanted.

I took this one in Kauai. Every day there would be turtles that would come up and rest on the beach. I would stop at every single turtle and take a ton of pictures.

About the photographer: 

What’s your name?

Laura Walker

How old are you?

17 (but after oct. 19th I will be 18)

Where do you live?

Hood River, Oregon

What classes do you take?

U.S. Government, Literature, Pre Calculus, Spanish 4/5 (TPS), Art, and Writing (you can use English if it’s less confusing)

What’s your favorite thing about photography?

The scene around you is constantly moving and changing, which makes each photo unique. You can’t replicate it and neither can anybody else. Photography also captures memories and the emotions that go along with those memories.


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