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In a Sky Without Stars…

In a sky without stars…God created the heavens and the earth. That was the grand beginning of the world. The Lord God Almighty decided to create something beautiful.

As teenagers, it can be easy to wonder where we fit into the grand scheme of life. What and who are we meant to be? When we search for purpose and meaning, we can often ask ourselves questions that only the beginning can answer. So, what was the point of that grand beginning?


Truth #1: GOD created…

God orchestrated the beginnings of the world ‘ex nihilo’ or ‘from nothing.’ Followers of Christ can be young earth or old earth, pro-evolution or anti-evolution, but all Christians have to agree that God created the universe somehow.

Acknowledging this is a tribute to God’s character. As the Alpha and the Omega, He has been there forever and is in control of everything. Creation was the beginning of His plan and purpose for life and for humanity.

Secondly, it also acknowledges our own littleness in comparison to this great Creator. When we view the world as a world that we are in control of, our purpose can seem little and insubstantial. However, when we realize that there is a God who created everything, we can have our purpose centered on someone who is much bigger than us. Our lives are not focused on ourselves anymore. So, when things go well and when they go badly, we still have hope that there is a God who is bigger than us who has a grand plan for us. Our purpose now becomes that this God changes the world through us, instead of us working to change something on our own. That’s the beauty of God being the Creator.

There are many ways to defend this truth. One way is to use the uncaused cause argument. You can think of a train going on and on and on with every car pulling the next one along. But, if there was no first car that actually started everything, the train would not be able to move. That is the problem if the earth did not have a first cause to start everything. Another way to defend this position is with science. Even scientists have not been able to make life on their own. The closest they have come to doing so is to use other living things. So, even after all these years, life does not seem to be something that scientists can replicate. And even with what they are able to do, it still requires some other person to start life. It needs a starting push. Lee Strobel, a journalist, and former atheist sums it up this way:

“To continue in atheism, I’d need to believe nothing produces everything, non-life produces life, randomness produces fine-tuning, chaos produces information, unconsciousness produces consciousness, and non-reason produces reason. I just didn’t have that much faith.”

Science also shows us that there are billions of details involved in every living thing that we see. This is another way we can defend the necessity of God in the creation of the world. By using the “intelligent design argument” and looking at the world around us, we can see that we need a God to have the complexity that we observe. The beauty of the flowers, the details in our own bodies, and the glorious skies all point to God.

Romans 1:20 says, “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made” (ESV).


Truth #2: Man was created…

The simple truth that God created has a multitude of ramifications for us. Mankind was created by this powerful God. This is the perfect and beautiful beginning that man has to attest to. We are not accidents but are fearfully and wonderfully made. This means that every single one of us is unique! In fact, Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him.” That is how special we are.

So here it is. Creation. The grand beginning of the world. All by a God who was perfect and majestic. The God who cares about you and me.

So, who are we? We are the pinnacle of the creation of God. We are under this God who is both real and necessary for life. When we explore the world around us, when we dream and try to accomplish our goals, we will forever be under this God and under His plan. We can find who we are not from created things but from the Creator.

In a sky without stars, God founded you and me.



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  1. I resonate with this phrase so much: Our purpose now becomes that this God changes the world through us, instead of us working to change something on our own. It’s really important to know this but so many of us often neglect this fact. Lovely article Carissa!

  2. Thank you, Rose! I completely agree. It is so easy to try to change things on our own and forget all about God.

  3. Beautiful Carissa!

  4. I LOVE it!