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Finding God in Our Brokenness

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God. They have bowed down and fallen; But we have risen and stand upright. Save, Lord! May the King answer us when we call” (Ps. 20:7-9 NKJV).

Last year, I struggled to finish all my homework on time. I often had to work harder than necessary to finish it and found myself arguing with my parents and apologizing to my teachers constantly for late assignments. Although both my parents and teachers were extremely gracious, I still felt that I did not deserve forgiveness. I wanted to prove that I could make up for my mistakes, but every time I relied on my own strength and will, I fell deeper into the hole I had created.

So what does it mean to be broken? “Brokenness, in His eyes, is to be broken, crushed, and torn in spirit over sin.” (Wishart).

Harmatia, the New Testament Greek word for sin, means to “miss the mark.” When we sin against God, we “miss the mark” and fall short of God’s glory. Because we are constantly falling short of God’s standard of perfection, in one way or another, we slowly start to fall apart, unable to pick up the pieces. As we continually fail, we try again and again to make up for our mistakes and do not realize that God wants us to be broken before Him. God does not want us to fall into despair but instead wants to see us succeed and move forward with life—but before that—He wants us to be in a place of repentance and humility.

So why is it so important to recognize our brokenness? It is through our brokenness that we grow in our relationship with God and truly work for His glory. Although we are in despair, God uses that time to minister to us and remind us over and over again that He is in control, and we are not. God wants to remind us that, at all times, He is there to help and comfort us. He is not there just to put us back together, but also to bring us back to Him so that we are able to finally rejoice in our brokenness. A great example of this is the servant Job in the Bible. His family, land, wealth, and health all dissipated and yet he still clung to the Lord. Job could have complained and turned his back on God for letting him suffer through so many trials, but even in his brokenness, Job remained faithful to the Lord. And in turn, God showered him with twice as many blessings as before.

When I finally realized that I need to find a place of humility before the Lord, I began to change the way I lived. The more I relied on God and humbled myself, the more my burden began to lift. My grades picked up and I did not feel that guilt and shame that had been trying to tear me down. When I was able to be open with others and humbled myself before them and God, I felt more free than I had ever been before. I was able to rejoice in my brokenness. There will still be times when I will stumble and fall, but I know that with the grace of God I will make it through.


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