Meet Annalee Rheedraw!

Meet Annalee Rheedraw, one of our amazing humor columnists! Annalee is 16 years old and resides in beautiful Butte, Montana with her thirteen siblings, seven dogs, multitude of cats, two pet turtles, and her favorite, Ralph, the squirrel who currently resides in her room.

It has been a busy and transformative summer for Annalee. She moved to Butte from Wyoming, and while she still claims to be into photography, she says that she only photographs to keep her inspirational meme account running. She has also abandoned the pursuit of hip hop for humor, saying that she now believes hip hop to be evil. Although she is not sure why exactly writing humor appeals, she feels that she will enjoy being a humor columnist at clay.

If Annalee had to describe herself in one word, it would be “clingy”. She says that she loves “just walking around and looking at people,” and that she joined clay because she hopes to make great friends with her fellow columnists and readers. When asked if she had any quirks, Annalee told me that she “is perfectly normal in every way.” Annalee’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11, and she says that this verse fits in well with her personality. Annalee would describe her favorite books as anything with flowers, inspirational quotes, and Bible verses taken out of context, so she sees Jeremiah 29:11 often.

As a final note, Annalee would just like to mention to anyone who wants to know that she’s a fake person but still wants friends. Her email is rheedrawannaleelael@gmail.com and she loves you all.




  2. Annalee… hmm. This isn’t another imaginary person, right?? XD

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  4. Hey! Annalee’s back! (Oh boy, what a grand finale to clay last year!) XD

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  6. Oh Annalee is still around… how interesting xD

  7. Annalee! Nice to have you back… sorta 😉