Want Some Laughs? Here’s your man: meet Caleb Cauley!

Meet Caleb Cauley, a clay humor columnist this year! The oldest of three, 15 year old Caleb is usually seen with his beloved Nikon camera in hand, belting out lyrics to Imagine Dragons or Twenty-One Pilots. Although he may not admit this, he frequently splurges on The Office or Stranger Things. Also, Caleb enjoys playing Mirror’s edge or Superhot—provided he’s not engrossed in soccer or baseball.  Caleb maintains that Star Wars is, and will always be, better the Star Trek.

Caleb is currently moving from Sanya (On China’s Hainan Island) to Chengdu, China. Caleb went to Chinese public school until second grade. Since then, he has been homeschooled. Caleb is a rising sophomore in his fourth year at TPS. He is taking Geometry, Graphic Art Foundations: Adobe Illustrator, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Economics, and Driver’s Ed. Without a doubt, his favorite subjects are English and science.  As an avid photographer, Caleb enjoyed the Beginner to Brilliant Photography course from TPS. Additionally, the writing courses Caleb has taken over the years have fueled his passion for writing fiction. As for clay, Caleb is writing the humor column to sharpen his fantastic writing skills while spreading some joy to the good folks of TPS during the stressful school year. Caleb envisions having an artistic and creative job involving possibly both photography and writing someday.

Caleb’s humor, personality, and creativity make him a great teammate, friend, and co-worker.  Caleb loves to be himself and lives by the words of Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” clay will certainly be a better place with Caleb around to liven things up a bit, and we are so glad that he will be joining us this year. Be sure to check out his humor column!


  1. “Caleb maintains that Star Wars is, and will always be, better the Star Trek.”
    YES dude YES

  2. TøP the besttttttt


  3. Wait TPS has a Driver’s Ed course?

  4. Star Wars FTW!!! xD

  5. Can’t wait!