Meet Your Film Columnist: Madysen Bailey!

Madysen (Maddie) Bailey hails from a farm in North Carolina, where she and her parents live with one cat, six dogs, one rooster and three horses, but if she could live anywhere in the world she would live on the French countryside. A true country girl, she loves riding her horses and prefers sneakers, jeans, and tee-shirts to heels, dresses, and makeup. When she isn’t doing schoolwork or writing for clay, Maddie’s first choice of pastime would be curling up with a good book. A proud Hufflepuff, she loves the Harry Potter series and a cozy coffee shop. Currently, she is reading the Percy Jackson Series and Les Miserables. Maddie has been attending classes at TPS for three years. This year, you might see this Senior in College American Literature, US Government, Arabic 3, Astronomy, or College Algebra.


To clay readers, she is this year’s film columnist. Maddie has always had a heart for films. Currently, her favorite movie is Les Miserables, though, like most movie lovers, she loves so many it can be hard to choose. She says she loves “Les Mis” because of its messages of forgiveness and love. To Maddie, a good movie has a satisfying ending, the kind where you aren’t wondering what happened after the credits roll. She doesn’t like cliffhangers very much. That being said, she’ll be the first to admit that there are many other qualities that make a movie good, and she hopes to have the opportunity to explore many of them in her clay articles this year.


  1. Maddie!!!!! I’m so happy that you’re doing clay this year. 🙂

  2. Welp, you can’t be THAT bad if you are a fellow Hufflepuff.

    Don’t worry, I’m kidding. 🙂 🙂