Meet the Staff: Sarai Morato, Science and Technology Columnist

           Meet Sarai Morato, this year’s Science and Technology columnist! At fifteen, Sarai is a junior in high school, and this year she is tackling a full plate of classes—AP World History from TPS, as well as AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP English Language, Precalculus, and Anatomy. She takes her math and science from a local private school through a dual enrollment program. After college she hopes to major in environmental engineering, and this love for engineering and science led her to this column of clay.

           Sarai is a resident of the beautiful state of Virginia, in a part of the state she says no one recognizes since it is not metro D.C. Her family’s favorite state, however, is North Carolina. When she is not dealing with her hefty school load, she loves to do volunteer work both in environmental fields and at her library, which is very close to her home. She also plays piano on her church’s praise team and participates in fencing.

           Thanks to her praise team, Sarai’s favorite genre of music is Christian contemporary, although she is also fond of classical music and pop. While she does not love movies (her family has to force her to go and see them), she is a reader, and some of her favorite books include The Hunger Games and Ruta Supetys’s Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea, both World War II historical fiction. She is allergic to caffeine, so she does not drink much besides water, giving that the place of her favorite beverage.

           When asked about her overall favorite class in school ever, Sarai answered that it would come down to either English 3 with Mrs. Gaines, who really helped her learn to enjoy English and set her up to take AP English this coming school year, or Chemistry, which was not a class from TPS but was awesome nonetheless. One of her favorite teachers was the Algebra II teacher at the local high school where she takes her math and science classes; her teacher helped her to catch up and to truly understand the subject matter.

           Sarai is very involved at her church—as mentioned, she is the keyboardist on her praise team, and she also helps with the Sunday School program. Her aunt is the coordinator of the Sunday School, and she often assists with the classes, her preferred class being the 8-to-10-year-olds, although she has dealt with kids of all ages and enjoys them all.

           In the future, one of Sarai’s hopes is to attend college—her dream school would be Duke University in North Carolina, where she plans to pursue environmental engineering. 

           I had a great time getting to know Sarai, and I cannot wait to see what she does with her column in the future! She is a sweet, motivated girl who has much to offer to clay and to the Body of Christ.

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