Meet Ryan Milbrath: News Editor

         Meet Ryan Milbrath, the News Editor for clay this year! Ryan lives in Freeville, New York with his parents, two sisters, and brother. His family is also accompanied by a newt, two guinea pigs, and some small fish. This is his 4th and final year with TPS, as he is a senior and will graduate in May. However, this his first time joining clay, which he is very excited to start. This year he will be taking one class with TPS, Spanish 4/5, while his other courses are through a college online.

          He begins most days with breakfast, typically consisting of some type of cereal or oatmeal with two waffles and a fried egg. Then he proceeds to start work or school. Ryan has a down-to-earth, get-things-done kind of attitude towards things like work and school. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to follow directions and work hard. Knowing this, it is not surprising that in the summers Ryan does not mind working six days a week. He is dependable, works well with both young kids and adults, and does not mind manual labor. His plan of attack against criticism towards him is to not attack, stay calm, and learn from the experience. Feel free to comment on Ryan’s work and give him constructive criticism, although it is likely that you will find yourselves compelled to praise his hard work! After graduating, he plans to pursue an undergraduate major in accounting. After that, he would like to continue to work towards a master’s degree in accounting and get his CPA license (Certified Public Accountant). He would love to eventually work in a high-end position within the accounting industry.

           Of course, on the flip side, Ryan has a very fun personality. He spends a lot of his free time playing with his little brother and family, both inside and outside. Ryan also enjoys building Metal Earth sets, kits that help you build impressive looking models, such as the USS Missouri.

            He enjoys reading, and his favorite series is Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and all other books Middle-earth, such as the Silmarillion, the Children of Húrin, and the Hobbit. His favorite movies are the Avengers, along with their connected movies. His favorite superhero is Captain America, by the way. Additionally, he really enjoys military history, especially WWII. Something that I did not expect at all was that during summers, his local library holds reading events, and he will go to them dressed up as Pete the Cat for the kids. Yup, that is exactly what I was thinking. Who is Pete the Cat? This is Pete the Cat (and Ryan’s little brother on the left).

           In all seriousness though, it is cool to meet a guy who both works very hard, but also has an attitude that lets him have fun and dress up in cat costumes for kids.

           I asked Ryan what his favorite verse was, and he replied, although there are very many to choose from, it would have to be Revelation 2:10b: “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life” (NASB). It reminds him of both his calling and commitment to God, and the promised reward at the very end, both a practical and hopeful verse. Be sure to check out the News column to see what Ryan and his columnists have been working on this past month. I am certainly excited to follow the News column throughout the year!


  1. Great getting to know you better, Ryan! Avengers ftw

  2. I’m glad I got to see the Pete the Cat photo, Ryan! News is going to be awesome this year, I can feel it. =D