Meet Rose Zhang: Hand Lettering Columnist


It was a normal day in little Rose’s life. She was eight years old and was spending time with her father. He started reading the Chronicles of Narnia series to her and Rose fell in love immediately. The idea that someone could bring together fiction and biblical truth inspired her. Ever since that day in her life, Rose has wanted to write and grow as a writer. In fact, if Rose was stuck on an island and could only take one thing with her, she would take her journal and pen. Now, as a clay columnist, Rose cannot wait to share her hand lettering skills and encouragement with her fellow homeschoolers.

Meet beautiful and gracious Meien (Rose) Zhang, the new Hand Lettering Columnist for clay! Rose’s life begins all the way back on May 25th, 2001. Rose was born to a Chinese pastor and his Korean wife in Beijing, China. The firstborn of two, Rose has been homeschooled for her whole life in Beijing and is now a fifth-year TPS-er. Now entering her senior year of high school, Rose is taking an intense course load with AP Latin, AP Calculus BC, AP Comparative Government and Politics, English, and Theology Matters at TPS along with Advanced Biology outside of TPS.

Hand lettering began for Rose when she wanted to improve her handwriting. She started learning hand lettering and enjoyed it thoroughly. However, as she continued, Rose found that Hand Lettering was useful for so much more. She would define Hand Lettering as “ a form of art where you draw out the letters instead of writing them.” Being inspired by her experiences, Rose now wants to share her love of this art through clay.

As a rare INFJ, Rose has many interests and talents. She enjoys reading mostly fiction books, making videos and editing them, photography, painting, and of course, calligraphy. She is a big fan of the Lord of the Rings. She has been playing the piano for ten years and ukulele for three years. She has also been playing tennis for the past three years and has been learning ballet for the past eight years.

Rose likes spending time with her family and Leah, their 4-year-old poodle. This includes watching movies, going to the park, and going shopping. Rose speaks multiple languages at home. She speaks English in her online classes, Korean with her mother, and Chinese with her father. Although Rose struggles with being patient with her family, she loves all of them and loves spending time with them.

Rose has a couple of unique likes and dislikes. She loves ice cream and cheesecake and cannot imagine life without them. Her pet peeves include kids crying in public and when people use slang in text like “dope”, “lit”, and “phat”.

Rose’s favorite verse comes from Nehemiah 8:10, “Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (NIV). As she trusts in Him, Rose looks forward to an amazing senior year, filled with growth, peace, and love.  


  1. Thank you Carissa for writing me such a beautiful article <3
    I was talking with my sister and I just realized I did 6 years of ballet before, not 8 years *facepalm* you can tell my math isn't that great xD

  2. Can’t wait to see your column!

  3. I’m so excited to read your column this year, Rose!