Meet Rob Speed, clay Cartoonist!


Rob Speed has a good sense of humor. In fact, he recently released a one year anniversary comic for his Lego themed “Brick Tricks” comics on his website www.bricktrickscomics.wordpress.com. This year, he will post his “Brick Tricks” on clay’s Cartoon column for all the TPS students to enjoy. Last year he wrote for clay as well, so the alumni columnist has experience and humor under his belt!

Rob’s father worked for the Air Force, though he now works for NATO. As a result, Rob has lived all over the world, starting in Ramstein, Germany, where he was born. Since then, he has moved to Alabama, Japan, Mississippi, and has shuffled around in Germany a couple times most recently, where he currently lives with his two sisters, Erin and Avery, and his parents. Erin wrote the “Homeschoolers” comic strips for clay last year, although she chose not to continue her comics this year. And although his father works for NATO, Rob confesses that his mother has the hardest job of all—dealing with him and his siblings!

As a child, Rob enjoyed anything with Thomas the Tank Engine printed on it and loved his stuffed animals. He wanted to become a movie producer when he grew up. Even though he likes creating comics, he still hopes to become a movie producer and does not plan to pursue cartooning as a career. Just recently, he and his siblings completed a home-produced trilogy they have worked on for the last three or four years. And even though they have not officially released any of their films, they intend to study filmmaking in college, pursue any job opportunities they can find, and hope to see their names on movie credits someday.

As I concluded my interview with Rob, I decided to ask him a bit of a crazy question (which other clay columnists may recognize as one posed by the senior editors). “What would you do if a fluffy cloud descended from the heavens and asked for yoga pants in exchange for marshmallows?” He replied with, “After getting over the shock of the pure obscurity of the situation, I would ask how many marshmallows it intended to bestow, and then explain I possess no yoga pants, but could exchange some tights I used for skiing.” Hey, I like skiing too, so I would rate Rob’s answer five stars, as long as he has another pair of ski tights!

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