Meet Rachel Shey: Poetry & Art Columnist

What do gardening, sketching mermaids, and spinning poems have in common? Nothing other than being the hobbies of our creative Poetry and Art Columnist, Rachel Shey! She is the oldest of three siblings, has two dogs, and is a rising junior in her 3rd year with TPS and 2nd with clay! Residing in sunny California, Rachel basks in the glory of its impressive 300-day growing season, making use of this ideal environment to indulge in her love for gardening. In her own words, “It is so amazing to me that from such small seeds can come such large plants.” In addition to gardening, to my utter surprise, Rachel relishes poetry and art! I’m sure none of you saw that coming. When she is not taking care of God’s breathtaking creation, you would probably find Rachel creating beautiful drawings, as seen in this stunning painting below by her!

In fact, she currently conducts a project she calls Face A Day 2018, in which she draws a face a day. Not only that, but back in May she had also taken part in an event called Mermay, where she drew a mermaid every day based on mermaid-themed prompts! What a unique activity! With a natural flair for art, it is not a surprise that Rachel transfers her artistic creativity to poems, which she simply adores writing. No doubt she is a perfect fit for the Poetry and Art Column. So far, we have seen that Rachel loves to create beauty in plants, art, and poems. She has even opened up her own personal website over the summer to showcase her artworks and previous articles for clay. Check it out: supremeleadershey.wordpress.com.

However, designing her own website is not the only thing originative Rachel has been up to this summer. Over the summer, she enjoyed drawing with her brother through online art lessons, enjoying the change from her typical approach to art, which is “intensely solitary,” as she puts it. Additionally, this innovative artist flew to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to meet her cousins for the first time in 7 years and visit her grandparents, whom she had to “teach how to watch TV on their iMac,” as she hilariously shared. In one day, she traversed California, Chicago, and Wisconsin! Speaking of traveling, Rachel expressed that one day she would love to go around the world and explore! Now that we know much more about our Art and Poetry Columnist’s passions, pastimes, and pursuits (alliteration, considering Rachel’s poetic flair), let me share with you some light-hearted facts and responses from Rachel during our fun conversations!

When asked what her favorite fictional character is, Rachel replied, “A toss-up between Rey from Star Wars and Neo from the Matrix.” What a creative response! If Rachel could be an animal, she would be a duck because they master the three realms: water, air, and land, not to mention their contagious cuteness. Choosing between living the lives of a penniless genius and a wealthy simpleton, Rachel chooses to be the penniless genius because money can be gained but intelligence cannot be. What a reasonable answer! Out of all the characters of God, Rachel treasures His nature of forgiveness the most because, as she honestly states, it reminds her “to be more forgiving and hold fewer grudges.” If you plan to trap Rachel on an island alone any time soon and she is only allowed to bring one object with her, it would be an all-terrain, amphibious vehicle, so she could travel around easily and via sea to get back to mainland. As observed, Rachel’s creativity and innovation shines so brightly. I cannot wait to read her articles. Be sure to check out her Art and Poetry Column soon!

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