Meet Piper Boykin: The Arts & Culture Editor #1

A teen races through a town near Chesapeake, Virginia carrying a load of stolen gummy bears as an angry cashier chases after her. Alright, in reality our very own Piper Boykin, Arts and Culture editor, doesn’t steal gummy bears, but she does lead a very interesting life. I mean, how many people can declare they’ve accidentally seen Obama golfing while hiking in Hawaii? Or own a dog that heartily enjoys marshmallows and frying her brain in the sun? Or have “family meetings” about school and work that end up being meetings about Vincent Van Gogh and Ready Player One? Meet Piper Boykin, a lover of “classic literature and poetry.”

“Literature is secretly my favorite topic ever,” she says. “I’m also really interested in editing. I’m kind of always stuck in grammar-editing-freak mode—sometimes I send my friends back corrected versions of their text messages just to be annoying,” she jokes. No wonder she became an Arts & Culture Editor with her bouncy personality and love for grammar and literature.

Though she puts great effort into EMT training, literature, and STEM, she admits her favorite class last year was a beginners guitar class. “It was super cool to learn the basics of an instrument and then be able to work on playing what I love this summer.” In fact, she loves it so much one can catch her rocking out on her guitars to de-stress her mind when her columnists forget all their Oxford commas. Guitar is not the only thing that interests her though. She added “eating zebra cakes, babysitting, reading, making Spotify playlists, and riding roller coasters” to her list as well. I also asked her what her favorite book, movie, song, and author was. Favorite book is The Great Gatsby. Favorite movie? Anything Marvel or Disney. Favorite song proved too hard, so she settled with the “Hippo Campus” and Wallows bands. Favorite author? Shakespeare, and it is no wonder too because she is an INFP, the personality of Shakespeare himself according to the Myers Briggs personality test.

As a senior, Piper wants “to someday be a pediatrician and open my [her] own practice.” She says, “My family spent a good portion of this summer doing college tours, and I’ll probably end up somewhere along the southeast coast majoring in something like biology/neuroscience/genetics for undergrad.” Her dream will be supported by the numerous classes she will be taking this year, which include AP Chemistry, Calculus II, Advanced Guitar, and most likely an EMT-B class at a nearby rescue squad.

After contemplating a few random questions, I asked her whether she preferred Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Though she only read The Hobbit, its movies, and the endings of two of the Lord of the Rings movies, she prefers JRR Tolkien’s works. Of course, I also had to ask a question relating to pink, polka dotted unicorns. The conversation went something like this:

JENNA: What if a pink polka dotted unicorn descended from the clouds carrying an umbrella in one hoof and a hamburger in the other?

PIPER: Oh, this happens all the time after I’ve had five or six coffees. Chikky Nugget and Tater Todd show up too.

Well there you have it—our grammar-loving, spectacularly humorous Arts & Culture co-editor. Welcome back to the staff, Piper!



  1. Yay Piper!! I’m so glad you’re my editor again =D BTW, I’m taking AP Chem too, from PA Homeschoolers.

  2. Only my sister would make someone into a gummy bear thief…
    Excited to get to know you better this year, Piper! Great having you back on staff 🙂