Meet our Bible Spotlight Columnist: Eunice Tan!

Meet Eunice Tan, who hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! As a fifteen year old junior, she will be entering her sixth year with TPS but her first with clay.  

Eunice is well suited to her position as Bible Spotlight columnist, as it combines her love for storytelling with her passion for God.  In fact, she has created her own website about living by “God’s word in a Godless culture,” which one can find at (ToBeRadical.com). Her other interests include music (her prodigious repertoire includes piano, violin, ukulele, guitar, and singing), meeting new people, and immersing herself in “new, interesting things I never knew existed!” Note that at the end of that list was an Oxford comma, which is one thing that Eunice “obsesses over.” Among her inspirations are her parents, whose “dedication and how much they believe in me have made me who I am today and have spurred me on to pursue my love for writing and stories.” She says, “God’s love lived so vividly through their lives [and] has inspired me so much, and I cannot describe how touched and thankful I am for their selfless sacrifice all these years.” As you can see, Eunice is also quite eloquent! With her beautiful, lucid writing, I am sure her enthusiasm for God’s word will come through in her column.  

Don’t worry, however: this multi-talented Eunicorn has a lighthearted side too. She loves plush animals and will eagerly “race into any store that has lots of fluffy, soft plushies, specifically pink fluffy unicorns.” She indulges her fine tastes in “anything that has to do with charcoal (color, flavor, you name it!)” She even enjoys “puns and dad jokes. Those that are the weirdest, silliest, and lamest are always the best. A joke’s lameness makes it awesome.” If she could be an animal, she would be “a very adorable, fluffy, furry, small, cute puppy, preferably light brown,” perhaps just like one of her beloved plush animals, and if she had to be either a donut or a bagel, she would definitely be a donut because “I would still be able to make a fashion statement.” Lastly, when asked if she would live underwater if she had the opportunity to, she replied: “If there was a sparkling rainbow sea palace underwater and a parade of light blue dolphins to pull my glowing white sea-shell carriage, oh yeah, forget dry land.” With this response, Eunice perfectly shows off her imaginative, fun-loving personality!  

Summing up her appetite for all things new, her serious side, and her cheerful nature, Eunice’s aspiration is to travel to Europe, the Middle East, Korea, and Japan, go on a search for her ancestral origins, and visit Disneyland! I am sure her scintillating character will add a shower of sparkles to Theology & Worldview. Be sure to check out her articles every month!


  1. EUNICE!!! Excited to read your articles!!

  2. Can’t wait to read your Column, Eunice!