Meet Member of the PR Engagement Team: Sarah Sears

Sarah Sears, fourteen-years-old, is absolutely thrilled to be joining TPS and clay magazine for her very first time. Sarah resides in her quaint town of Sherman, New York with her parents and two brothers, Derek and Nathan. A young woman of many talents, she enjoys softball, music, photography, acting, and sharing the love of God with everyone around her. In her spare time, Sarah absolutely adores painting, and her creations are remarkable. Additionally, Sarah attends Sherman First Baptist Church and has a true heart for the Lord.

While getting to know her, Sarah delighted in telling me she performed in a play called “Robin Hood” this summer. As her fourth theatrical production, she absolutely loved being a part of such an amazing cast. Naturally, with such a great love for theater, Sears has also watched the sensational, broadway performances of Aladdin and Cinderella. While she enjoys live musicals, Sarah loves the classic entertainments of the screen. Her favorites range from The Greatest Showman to Singing in the Rain.

Though she loves drama, Sarah’s true passion lies within a blank canvas. As a matter of fact, her favorite color is turquoise since it makes her gorgeous paintings and drawings dance before her eyes. After seeing many pictures of Sarah’s wondrous artwork, it reminded me of her home in the rolling, green hills of New York. While interviewing, I asked her if there was a place she would rather live than Sherman, and she told me, “I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else than where I am now.” However, if she could time travel, she would want to thrive within the glamorous ‘40s and ‘50s or witness miracles during the time of the Bible.

Sarah can’t wait to begin working as a part of the PR Engagement Team, and her goal is that others will see God through her. Best of luck to you, Sarah, and welcome to TPS!


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