Meet Madison Asher: Book Review Columnist

clay‘s 2018-2019 Book Review columnist, Madison Asher, resides in Central Michigan with her family, which consists of her parents, her younger sister, and her dog, Ellie. Madison, age 14, has been homeschooled all her life and will be attending TPS for the first time.

Madison is an INFP and, in four words, describes herself as courageous, thoughtful, curious, and empathetic. A few of her hobbies include dancing, piano, and reading. Madison’s favorite dance technique is pointe. Her favorite composer is Beethoven, and her favorite book is–well, she doesn’t have one because she can’t choose. Among her favorites are Anna Karenina, The Lord of the Rings, and Station Eleven. When it comes to movies, Madison is a Marvel and Downton Abbey fan. As for music, Madison enjoys listening to film scores and music by The Beatles, Twenty One Pilots, and Frank Sinatra. 

Madison wants to be the book columnist because she loves to read and takes time to think about what she reads. She believes that a lot can be learned from literature. She also wanted to gain experience writing articles for a magazine as opposed to writing assigned school papers.

In the future, Madison wants to continue writing, and she dreams of finding a job that will allow her to travel and meet many thoughtful and creative people like herself. She also wants to attend the University of Oxford at some point in her life. 

We look forwards to seeing what Madison will write for us this year!

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