Meet Laura Walker: Public Relations Writer

What started out as ordinary conversation about TPS classes and teachers soon unraveled into a discussion about classic stereotypes, eating raw meat, and using an elephant in entrepreneurial pursuits. And thus, I met Laura Walker.

Laura Walker, a senior from Oregon and a first-year clay writer for the Public Relations team, joined TPS in 2015. Since then she has enjoyed taking Spanish classes with Señor Poortenga and Señora Kelly. Aside from her TPS classes and homework, Laura finds time to practice dance for 10 hours a week. Her hours of practice include routines from ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and modern dance. She lives on her family’s orchard in Hood River, Oregon with her three older siblings and younger sister. Laura enjoys cooking, baking, soccer, and design. Her primary choice of design is fashion and interior design. While she is a keen student of the humanities, designing red carpet dresses has always been an aspiration of hers.

Someone who inspired Laura was her older sister. Her sister was on the route to becoming a professional dancer when she tore a hip muscle and was derailed from her career of dancing. It helped teach Laura that there is more to life than what one is currently interested in. One may be focused on achieving a certain goal, but a small accident can completely flip that dream upside down.

While preferring to listen to pop and rap music, Laura is often found listening to the Mexican music often played at her family’s orchard. A few of Laura’s favorite things are the colour yellow, eating raw meat like sushi, and travelling. With a sparkling sense of humour, Laura is ready to take on the world; well, maybe once she learns to always be prepared…



  1. Ahhh Laura I miss talking to you so much. >.> I’m so glad that you’re part of the clay staff this year!

  2. Loved getting to interview you this year!