Meet Kailey Williams: Our PR Editor

Meet Kailey Williams––clay’s red-haired, blue-eyed, and freckled PR Editor.

Kailey was born on October 12, 2001 and currently resides in Azerbaijan as a Third Culture Kid originally from America with her parents, two older siblings, dog, and cat. She is nearly seventeen years old and is entering her senior year.

Kailey decided to join clay when she heard about its great community and how it needed writers and editors in the staff. Being more of a fact-lover who preferred to edit than write, she originally applied to be a content manager. She actually was offered both PR editor and content manager but decided to choose to only be the PR Editor.

When she takes a break from editing and schooling, Kailey hangs out with her friends, goes outside to play sports, and dabbles in photography. However, she considers entering the lovely abyss of slumber the most productive thing she does outside of soccer and school.

She enjoys Italian food, French fries, and the color blue. Kailey also adores adorable animals like the penguin, kangaroo, dog (of course, cats are slightly better, but to each her own), and bowtruckle. Her favorite book, which coincides with her strong personality, is Unbroken, a tale set in World War II about a former Olympic star who survives a crash into the ocean only to be sent into a Japanese prison camp.

But of course, Kailey cannot just like everything. What grates on her nerves the most are ignorant and/or naïve people.

She describes herself as a realist who loves and cannot live without her friends. She takes her phone with her everywhere so that she can stay in contact with them. But asides from her friends, family, and pets, she loves her pillow the most. She admits that she would like to think of herself as a strong person (and of course, who is to argue that she is not?).

And that is Kailey, our PR Editor with an extroverted but quiet personality.


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