Meet Joy Chang!

(Joy is on the left)

Introducing Joy Chang! Currently residing in Redwood, California, Joy lives with her parents, older sister, and two pet bunnies: Blue and Douglas. While she has a love for bunnies, she enjoys birds immensely. Interested in ornithology, Joy loves to observe and learn about different birds and always feeds a group of crows each morning.

Along with her interest in birds, Joy has many other hobbies. One activity Joy does is figure skating. Joy has figure skated for several years and loves to challenge herself, practicing over and over to master a creative yet athletic routine. Although she does not consider herself the best skater, Joy still enjoys going to the rink and trying something new. Joy also practices the flute. While she loves learning new pieces, Joy especially appreciates the smooth and flowing sound of the flute. Aside from being an athlete and musician, Joy is an avid reader. She has read numerous books ranging from comics to classics including some of her favorites Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; Watership down; and War and Peace, of which she is half-way finished.

While Joy has many different interests, she truly has a heart for the Lord. Every Sunday, Joy serves as a greeter and sometimes as a sign-in operator for the children’s ministry. One thing she especially loves about serving as a greeter is being able to meet new people and share God’s love with them. Whether at church or somewhere else, Joy hopes to meet friends that strive to live a godly life and serve the Lord wholeheartedly.  

Going into her second year at TPS as a freshman, Joy is excited to start as a cartoonist for clay. Having already posted many comics on her blog, Rabbithole Comics, she is thrilled to be able to work for clay and reach a larger audience. Her artwork, Rabbithole Comics, is based on her four pet bunnies and their adventures together. And although two of her bunnies have already passed, Joy still keeps them alive through her comics. Joy says the hardest part about inventing new comics is creating fun ideas and bringing them to life. Many ideas are scrapped and redone over and over until a funny and heartwarming comic is created. With her comics, Joy hopes to bring happiness and smiles to everyone who stumbles across them.



  1. Joy!! So glad you’re doing clay this year. 🙂

  2. Hey Joy! Miss “seeing” you in French class. Though I cannot wait to see your comics:)