Meet Jenna Koo: Arts & Culture Editor

There’s only one person who could jump onto a bed, a notoriously soft surface, and end up with two large bruises on her legs all in one morning. Perhaps it comes with being KooKoo, but luckily she’s not nearly so clumsy with words. Welcome Jenna Koo, our sophomore Arts & Culture editor! This is her second year on staff here at clay. Last year she explored the intersection of music and faith in her column, so it was a natural progression for her to become Arts & Culture editor this time around. She looks forward to encouraging others to grow in confidence in their writing skills while strengthening her own. She hopes to show her columnists “how much fun writing can be if you give it a chance to explore beyond the brick wall that writers, including me, tend to build, separating us from the world where creativity is endless.” (That, my friends, is a quote deeper than the Marianas Trench and quite worthy of being in all of your Instagram bios. I nominate it to be the clay editors’ motto.)


Jenna is currently enrolled in Advanced Composition, Spanish 3, Bible Survey, AP World History, Pre-AP Chemistry, and Algebra 2 in TPS; if you have any classes with her, be sure to listen for her “very fluffy” dog, Chestnut, barking when she is trying to explain algebra problems or conjugate Spanish verbs on the mic. Outside of school, Jenna is a music composer whose tastes range from Disney songs to folk music from around the world. She loves all things Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. (Jenna’s half of the Arts & Culture columnists have been affectionately dubbed the Jedi Order, and during orientation they were warned that missed deadlines will invoke the wrath of Voldemort.)  Not surprisingly, her favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and C.S. Lewis. She also likes going for daily morning runs, but she says that even the early hours in the Floridian summer can be scorchers.


Her bucket list for this year involves creating her own music album of original compositions and drawing inspiration for musical pieces from the Psalms. In the future, Jenna plans to attend the UCF Honors College and work towards a medical degree, hoping to one day take her passion and dedication to Africa to work as a medical missionary. Armed with her favorite Bible verse (Isaiah 40:8) reminding her of God’s unfailing presence in her life, and her favorite quote, “Have courage and be kind” (from the 2015 Cinderella film), I am sure that Jenna will bring joy and persistence both to her endeavors this year and in her future career. clay is lucky to have her on board!


Pictured: Jenna (left) and Christine Lyford, Open Mic Editor


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