Meet Gabe Ratcliffe: Our new International Correspondent!

Ladies and gentleman, get ready for your new International Correspondent, Mr. Gabe Ratcliffe! He’s fresh off the sports column and is ready to begin his second year here at clay by being the International Correspondent, a position he can’t wait to start writing for.

Gabe is a rising tenth grader, who just recently turned 16. This year he is taking AP World History with TPS, and Honors Biology, Chinese, British Literature, and Math Analytics from other sources. He currently resides in Northern Virginia, close to Washington D.C., and he has two siblings, both older brothers, one 18, one 21.

His MBTI personality type is the ENTP or the debater. Even though he may love having debates, he also loves basketball. He has played since he was 11 and loves to play with his friends. When they’re not playing basketball, Gabe and his friends can often be found playing Xbox as well. Gabe is very passionate about his friends, as well as making new experiences.

When not on the court or an Xbox, Gabe is part of the Boy Scouts. He is currently working on the rank of eagle, Boy Scouting’s highest achievement.

When asked about his favorite TV show, he responded that he absolutely “LOVES” Naruto and would “HIGHLY” recommend it to anyone. And while he doesn’t often watch movies, his favorite is The Shawshank Redemption. One might also spot him  reading To Kill A Mockingbird or a Harry Potter book because they are his favorites, and when in the mood to listen to music, he can be found listening to underground rap or hip-hop.

The job of International Correspondent suits Gabe perfectly because his dream job is being a global affairs manager or another job that represents the USA in global matters. When he isn’t dealing with the global affairs, Gabe would love to live in New England. He doesn’t really care where in New England, as long as it is somewhere he can escape the heat and humidity of Northern Virginia, where he currently resides. However, if he could live anywhere, his destination of choice would be Atlantis or Camp Half-Blood.

If money was no object, Gabe would travel to every country in the world. He deeply believes that when people expose themselves to other cultures and ways of life, they can learn a great amount about themselves.

His favorite Bible verse is Romans 3:23: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” He memorized it at camp when he was 12, and it has stuck with him ever since.

As a note to his readers, Gabe says, “Because I am the International Correspondent for clay, I want my readers to know that I will always try to be impartial in every article, and will try my best to show every angle and side of each story.”

So there you have it, folks––everything you need to know about clay’s newest International Correspondent! I hope you enjoyed getting to know him as much as I did!

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