Meet Faith Thompson- Church History Columnist

    Let me introduce you to the Church History columnist, Faith Thompson! Our North Carolina native who currently lives in Auburn, Maine is a rising junior, sixteen-year-old INFJ participating in her second year in clay and TPS. This year, she will take Precalculus, APUSH, and English 4 in TPS, as well as pursuing Italian, Mythology, and Physics through other methods. Out of all her classes, Faith is excitedly anticipating her Mythology class and reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton. She does not only look forward to her Mythology course, but she also cannot wait to start writing in the Church History column because she is willing to learn more about the topic.

      Apart from school and clay, Faith’s extracurriculars and hobbies include working in a coffee shop, volunteering at her local library, helping out (a lot) at her church by playing the keyboard and taking care of energetic children, as well as reading books. One of her favorites is a series by Cornelia Funke. She enjoys watching movies such as Amazing Grace, playing with her golden retriever and three cats, and loves the color blue because she says, “I’m not exactly sure why, just that I love it, and it’s a beautiful color.” Faith also dreams about traveling to Ireland and Italy because those are the top two countries on her travel list.

As a rising junior entering the realm of college visits, testing, and applications, Faith mentioned that she enjoyed visiting Bible colleges and could see herself attending one of those schools. One of the colleges on the top of her list is Cedarville College. Once she enters college, she would love to major in politics or communication and then move on to work in state level politics, such as activism. A Bible verse that helps her find peace and joy through tough times and encourages her through life is John 16:33, which says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Enjoy the Church History column written by the amazing Faith Thompson!



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