Meet Ethan Schubert, Your Theology and Worldview Editor

Meet Ethan Schubert, your Theology and Worldview Editor! Ethan is a 17-year old El Paso born Texan who moved to Bandung, Indonesia (Western Java) just before his second birthday. One year later, he and his family moved to Batam, Indonesia, a tiny island just south of Singapore. And one year after that move, his family moved to a different house on the same island. He is the oldest of four children, and some of his hobbies include reading, playing pickup sports or board games, and learning languages. His favorite board/card game is Dominion, but do not try to challenge his interpretation of the rules. He convinces his opponents of his ways in the end, but “it wastes 5-10 minutes trying to prove our reasoning.” Also among his favorites are the Lord of the Rings books, the movies Emperor’s New Groove and the Life of Pi, and an Indonesian dish called Beef Rendang, beef slow-cooked in coconut milk and spices served with hot sauce and rice. His favorite Bible verse is probably Hebrews 11:13-17. Speaking of food, Ethan has eaten a variety of bizarre foods, including dog, rat, and a live grub worm. Clearly you all are jealous of his extravagant dining experiences.

Even though he spent the summer landscaping, he wants to go to college either for business management or creating language learning software. He also wants to continue traveling and exploring the world. His personality type is the INTJ, and he enjoys being around and having deep conversations with people. But like most of us, he does need a few hours of space during the day. One of his unique traits is cracking/popping his nose. If you ever meet him, he probably will show you.

While he has never participated in a snowball fight (living in Indonesia will do that to a person), he would constantly be on the move and always have two snowballs on him at once, a common yet very dependable strategy for open field combat.

Ethan will be going into his 5th and final year with TPS and is taking several classes. He will be in AP English Language, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, Arabic 3, US Government and Civics, and quite fittingly Theology Matters.

Some advice that Ethan gives is to “make a habit of sharing a lot with God, especially making time for the little things, [as well as] asking Him questions and taking time to listen.” Additionally, he would like to share one of his favorite quotes that doubles as a handy piece of advice, “Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!”

We look forward to Ethan’s editorial skills and his role in clay.


  1. Ah yes…the live grub worm….

    Have fun editing this year, Ethan! You’ll do awesomely!

  2. I love how this picture makes your hair look glittery.

  3. No riddles for us today, Ethan? Better come back to Summer Camp again so you can continue to stump us every meal time.

    • I have to agree with Leanne. Those riddles are the best
      But I do have to say… rats, grub worms, and dog? Yikes… That might just be weirder than fish eyes XD

  4. Make me proud Ethan, I know you will 😛