Meet Christine Lyford: The Open Mic Editor!

Getting to meet wonderful and lovely people from all corners of the world is one of the main reasons why I enjoy being a part of The Potter’s School. Christine Lyford is no exception to this. I was so excited to interview Christine again and happily met with her on GP6 on a windy August afternoon. After laughing about our shared technology issues, we began our interview.

Christine is the youngest of two and is embarking on her sixth year with TPS. She will be taking Precalculus, Chemistry, English ⅘, Government and Economics, Spanish 2, Art Fundamentals, and SAT Prep. This ISFP lives in Geneva, Florida, a little rural town. Christine is excited to be the Open Mic editor and hopes to “see all the things people come up with in their articles.” When asked how she has grown over the past year, Christine said that she has learned to handle her time management better, considered her future more, and stopped getting sidetracked by little things (like silly birds pecking at her window).

This year, she hopes to grow in her knowledge of all her subjects, her faith, and in her relationships with others. Three things that bring her joy and inspiration are God, her family, and her friends. Christine enjoys learning and her favorite classes are Algebra, Life Science, and Biology. She had a difficult time deciding her favorite holiday, but finally narrowed it down to her top three: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Her favorite Bible verse isn’t actually a single Bible verse at all; it’s a Psalm. Psalm 1 to be precise. It is special to her because “it illustrates the life of a Christian and it shows how important it is to become one–if you ever feel unsure about the faith, it shows you why you should stay in it.” She uses that verse whenever she feels nervous, and it always brings up her confidence One of her greatest strengths is the ability to befriend people who are new or shy. She is such a kind soul who makes everyone feel welcome no matter who they are.

Right now, she’s reading Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck, and whenever she reads, she tends to lose all track of time.

I am certain that Christine will accomplish wonderful things in her life due to her kindness, faith, and wisdom. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet her and cannot wait to watch her shine in clay magazine this year.


  1. Yooo other Christine XD

  2. yayy, Christineeee *throws fishhead* *and cupcake*

  3. I’m so excited that you are a part of the staff this year, Christine! And it’s awesome that Kalijah got to interview you again. 🙂