Meet Charlie Livingstone: Extreme Sports

Introducing: Charlie Livingstone! Charlie will be re-joining as the new Extreme Sports columnist for Clay after writing for the Technology and Inventions column last year. He is currently stationed with his family at the Pentagon in Washington DC. He loves the army life and aspires to join as either a combat medic or fly F-22’s for the Air Force. Charlie is fifteen and a sophomore in high school, showing favoritism for French (even though he lived in Germany for five years). This is his second year with TPS.

Not only is Charlie the extreme sports columnist, but he lives a pretty extreme lifestyle too. When he’s not busy practicing extreme sports-rock climbing is a particular love of his- he’s juggling and playing Settlers of Catan or World of Tanks. Charlie also enjoys creative hobbies such as building incredibly detailed Lego sets, painting, and sculpting. He is exceptionally skilled at painting watercolors or acrylic paint, and also enjoys polymer clay and wire sculpting. Along with commercial ones, Charlie enjoys designing his own Lego sets by creating things like detailed robots.

If Charlie had a superpower, he would want it to be the ability to control gravity. He’s obsessed with Van-life and simplistic or minimalist living. Charlie has memorized the algorithm to solve a Rubik’s cube. He’s also built a tattoo gun.

Charlie says he is excited to start writing for clay because “I love introducing people to the sports that I love. I love that feeling of being up high and having your heart hammering away and I want others to love that too. I also like when people step out of their comfort zone and try something different and new. Hopefully, I can be that person who opens up a new hobby that changes someone’s life.” I’m really excited for all of you guys to get to meet Charlie throughout the year in his articles and personality, and know he’s going to make an awesome addition to clay this year.

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