Meet Carissa Samuel: Apologetics Columnist

    Meet Carissa Samuel, your apologetics columnist! Carissa is a seventeen year old ENFP, who loves music and dance. She lives with her lovely family in California.

    In her free time, Carissa enjoys listening to music, dancing, singing, reading mystery books, and playing the piano (which she started back when she was six years old). The top five things she has on her bucket list currently are: visiting Germany, learning more languages, writing a book, performing dance, and last but not least—writing songs. Although she is mainly considering medicine as her career, she also loves music and writing.

     Carissa has been homeschooled ever since her preschool years. This year will be both her senior year and her third year with TPS, and she is taking Psychology: Christian Counseling. Outside of TPS, she will be taking AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP English Literature, and Spanish. She is looking forward to acquiring a lot of new knowledge this school year.

When I asked her about her favorites, she couldn’t choose, saying, “I hate favorites! I have so much of them!” But still, she managed to choose her current favorite song: Hold On by Riley Clemmons. There are so many great foods out there that she struggled to pick just one, but if she had to eat only one dessert for the rest of her life, she would choose tiramisu.

Carissa has two main pet peeves: people calling her dude, and those people who are insanely obsessed with The Lord of the Rings. Don’t ever call her dude, or she might secretly judge you!

While many warned her about the possible consequences, Carissa’s most desirable superpower is still reading people’s minds.

As for her personality, Carissa is a very passionate person; if she falls in love with one thing, she’ll definitely stick with it. On the flip side, Carissa tells me that honestly, the most difficult challenge for her is staying disciplined.

Although Carissa and her families now live in America, Carissa’s parents were originally from India, so she speaks Tamil in the house. Aside from Tamil and English, Carissa is learning Spanish currently; she also wants to learn German in the future. She also has one younger sister and one younger brother who are five and four years old.

Carissa was born in a Christian family with her father working as a Pastor. Growing up in a Christian home, Christian faith came naturally to her. Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength(NIV).

Please welcome her with a round of applause, and stay tuned for her stunning articles!


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  1. Thank you so much for such a sweet and heartfelt article, Rose! I love it! 🙂