Meet Aina Do: Class Spotlight Columnist

Aina Do, turning seventeen in November, has been taking TPS for three years and is starting her second year with clay as the Class Spotlight columnist. As a class spotlight columnist, Aina will interview teachers about their classes and learn more about the uniqueness of different courses that TPS offers. She decided to write for clay because, as she put it, “it seemed cool to be a part of an online e-zine.

Although originally from Korea, Aina was born and raised in Spain. She recently moved to Tarragona, Spain after living in Madrid for 10 years. She lives with her parents and younger sister, Yeji, with her first language being English, second Spanish, and third Korean.

Throughout high school, Aina has taken classes from TPS as well as other online courses. This year she is taking History of Asia and the Middle East, AP English Literature and Composition, and Creative Writing with TPS. So far, her favorite course has been a 5-year course studying the great books of history, called the Great Books Tutorial. As Aina begins her senior year of high school, she hopes to attend a university in the UK.

Some of her hobbies include reading, writing, watching cartoons, drawing, painting, and chatting in Hangouts – so be sure to go chat with her and get to know more about her. While talking with Aina, I learned she was inspired by a friend to create her own mythical creature based off of her favorite animal, a duck. She imagined a fire-breathing duck! When asked what she would grab if her house was on fire (hopefully not because of her fire-breathing duck), she replied, “Probably my notebook, stuffed animals, and the Bible.” She also mentioned that Revelation, although mostly about the end of the world, intrigues her and holds the place as her favorite book of the Bible.

Aina is excited to continue with clay this year in writing about various TPS classes. Hopefully you will enjoy getting to know her better through her articles on clay!


  1. Ey so you are on clay this year xP

  2. Aina! I’m so glad you’re writing for clay again this year! I can’t wait to read your articles. 🙂