A Run-On Goodbye

(caption this photo and you’ll get a better imaginary prize than Halle’s)

Being senior editor this year was truly one of the greatest highlights of my high school experience. I could say that about plenty of things, including but not limited to various TPSer meet-ups, some rock climbing experiences that displayed my lack of scaling prowess (and limp-noodle-like arms), and trips all over the country over the last two years, but clay was something special. I owe a large part of that to the TPS community, so I wanted to write some thank you notes as the year comes to a close:

to readers – thanks for coming back for more. I’d like to thank you for putting up with WordPress and its arbitrarily forcing random people to comment as “King of Bubbles,” for really caring about the work your fellow students put into the publication, and for encouraging them and wanting to see them succeed in this endeavor.

to writers – you made it! You’ve built quite the portfolio over the course of the year, and though perhaps we haven’t communicated directly as much, we SE’s do watch from behind the scenes (it’s not as creepy as it sounds, I promise). I know of quite a few of you who have really stepped up your writing game this year, and I so appreciate the effort you put in! I can tell you’ve improved in two ways:

  1. The amount of inquiries from the section editors, ranging from “Rae. How do I tell him that he has approximately 47 extra commas and no Oxford commas?!” to “So Rae, I have one article that’s 300 words, another that’s 1,000 words, and two that haven’t been turned in yet” have dramatically decreased. (Perhaps the editors have just become better at dealing with you – I’ll give the benefit of the doubt.) (Also, the clear answer to the second query is to lop 300 words off the longer article and paste in onto the shorter one, giving no heed to transitions.)
  2. It takes far less time than it did at the beginning of the year to skim and publish each article. This is due either to the fact that you’ve improved, the fact that we’re just faster at editing, or the fact that we’re tired of editing, but again, I give the benefit of the doubt.

We hope to see many of you underclassmen back next year.

to section editors (if you are a writer, SKIP THIS SECTION)- Look back at number 1 for the writers. I’m sure this is due to your increasing wisdom over the year. Thanks for encouraging greatness in the staff and producing evaluations on (not) short (at all) notice.

to the PR team – you’ve been a fantastic face of clay and even put up with my stalking your accounts. You’re basically the bounce in the step of this ezine, and clay would be rather austere without you.

to my fellow SE – Halle, despite the fact that I’m disowning you after this goodbye note for your undue revelations, I had the time of my life being Annalee with you. You’re somehow professional and sweet and not sarcastic at all, all at the same time. I hope next year is a brighter day, ehem, GO BEARS.

to my head SE – Jack, you surprisingly haven’t bossed me around too much this year, and your creativity and vision has been a huge push in the right direction for clay this year, so thank you. GO BULLDOGS.

TO THE NEXT SE’S WOOHOOOO – Jacey and Corrie Anna! I promise to haunt the website next year and not criticize too much. You two are quite literally the future of clay, and you’re going to be fantastic.


To be honest, I’m having a hard time closing, as there are so many people I could thank, and as this is the last thing I will ever write for clay, so I might as well keep thanking people, like Mr. Gilbert, for putting up with all our website changes, and now I think I’ll thank all the writers individually . . .


must. end. here.

Farewell. 🙂

~ Raelen


  1. It’s been awesome working for clay’s amazing triumvirate this year, and I’m so excited for the next already =). Thanks for putting up with our continuous “Rae, HELP” comments and our failure to do a proper prank this year (you guys made up for it with Annalee). 😉 Y’all are awesome Senior Editors!

  2. When you and your bae are so cute, even Halle can’t stop grinning.

  3. “P-I-Z-Z-A!!” [when asked what they want to eat for dinner]

  4. It’s been a pleasure to chat and get to know you this year Raelen! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your natural and God-given talents in the coming years. Best of luck in college!

  5. AWWW I’ll miss seeing you Raelen! (And of course all senior editors <3) You guys have done such an amazing job this year!

  6. I loved working with ya’ll! And meeting you at camp 😉 Thanks for being such great SEs and I’m really excited to be working for Corrie Anna and my sister.

    Ps. I purposefully left out that comma before the conjunction just to drive ya nuts XD