How to spot a tourist in Turkey

A true tourist in Turkey is like a giraffe that strolls along the savanna, picking out leaves from the tall trees and munching on them. Just as this beautiful creature is easy to spot with its long neck and blotched body, tourists are also instantly recognizable with their “adventure” gear and sunburned cheeks, fanny packs and over-the-top hand gestures.

One of the main giveaways of a tourist is his red complexion; like a Twizzler in a bowl of M&Ms, all tourists seem to forget to pack sunscreen or don’t know how to apply it. Moreover, they also stare at maps and carry around fancy cameras, taking pictures of everything, whether it is a random pigeon that just flew in front of them or another tourist friend who would like his picture taken in gorgeous Turkey for the millionth time.

Some sightseers visiting Turkey like to go all out with adventure gear, wearing obviously brand-new North Face jackets with North Face hiking shorts and North Face T-shirts and North Face trail shoes. Walking in a bazaar doesn’t require hiking shoes; bare feet would even suffice. Along with their “ready for anything” outfit, most tourists visiting Turkey wear old-fashioned fanny packs that weren’t even in fashion when they were first designed. To top it all off, tourists are the only people that carry around the awkward and simply weird selfie stick. Rather than simply asking someone to take the picture, tourists seem to enjoy the aesthetic touch of a long arm covering half of the photo.

The Turkish people are very aware of fashion trends. However, most tourists wear either way too baggy or too tight clothes. Just because they are living out of a suitcase doesn’t mean they need to wear their little sister’s t-shirt; they probably need more room in that suitcase for the sunscreen they will never use. Furthermore, tourists seem to forget the Turkish people don’t have a problem in hearing them, but rather understanding them. Therefore, tourists really don’t need to shout the whole time. Not everyone wants to hear how the tourist can’t remember where he lost his flip-flop.

And so, after finishing exams and summer break begins, some may come to Turkey on vacation and either turn into giraffes or become a pro at spotting them strolling among the quaint stores, picking out delicious cubes of Turkish delight and munching on exquisite Turkish pastries. Just remember to pack in sunscreen and actually use it!


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  1. Just so you know, if I ever come to Turkey, I’m forcing you or talitha to pick out clothes for me. Preferably t-shirts with random english phrases like, “Alarm clock.” on it.