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Speech of Emotions

I hear the story of one moving on and continuing to fight

I hear the story of challenges being overcome, and when I hear that

I imagine all of us united and making our homes a better place

I feel determination, patience, perseverance, and with those

I know I can make our home, the world, a better place.


Now others can try to break me down, but I know that I can survive.

I know I can overcome all my challenges.

Now people might join my oppressors,

but all that does is give me more strength.

All it does is assure myself that I am strong.

With my determination, I can win.


Now the choice is yours

you can join those in trouble

you can join their oppressors

or you can do nothing.

Join and share each other’s determination.

Share faults, wishes, fears.

Be a group united.

A castle divided against itself will fall, but we won’t be divided.

We will be strong.

Join me.

Be strong.

Help those in need.

Change the world, but most of all,

let us bathe the darkness in a light so strong that all the shadows everywhere will crumble.

Let us shine our lights so that others will shine theirs.

Let us make this planet a better place.

It means actions, not words.

We are a force of change.

Join me in the light, and let us all be together as one!

This is about unity;

this is about working together as one.

This is what I stand I write this for,

and I hope with my entire heart

that you will stand in the light, that you will make a change.


About the Writer:

Name: Nathan Roberts

Age: 13


How long have you been with TPS?

This is my first year

What classes are you taking with TPS this year?

Physical Science Honors, Spanish 1, and English 1

What are a few of your hobbies?

Tennis, video games, reading, baseball, drawing, and writing.

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  1. Good job Nathan!!!